Canon printer- faulty printing of photos

fluffyb, Apr 28, 11:40pm
Just tried sending pics from Picasa and also Adobe Photoshop to the printer and that worked fine.
Yet photos from 'My Pictures' still go weird.
HELP please!!

r.g.nixon, Apr 29, 1:09am
Open the photos into an image viewer/editor first. Is that how you are doing it?

fluffyb, Apr 29, 1:20am
Thanks r.g. - Just tried again doing it from Windows Live Photo Gallery. Same result!Any more ideas?

r.g.nixon, Apr 29, 1:32am
What size are these images in pixels (width & height)?

fluffyb, Apr 29, 1:42am
I have experimented with all sizes - eg 167x200 pixels, to5120 x 3620 - same result.

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