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trademeandme, Apr 29, 6:19am
Hi.We have a desktop with XP set up with the printer.When adding a new laptop with Windows 7 it says that both computers need Windows 7 in order to use a homegroup to share videos, pictures, printer etc.
We want to only share the printer - can we still do that?Thanks.

drcspy, Apr 29, 6:23am
hell yes I'm doing it right now........

got to share the printer on the xp machine..........then make sure that it's running WORKGROUP as it's 'workgroup' not MSHOME...........then goto the win7 laptop and try adding a printer/network printer.......

trademeandme, Apr 29, 6:25am
thank you drcspy - could you tell me where to find out about running WORKGROUP?

drcspy, Apr 29, 6:27am
right clik my computer then clik properties then clik 'computer name' then if 'workgroup' is MSHOME clik 'change' and type in WORKGROUP then ok/apply etc etc

drcspy, Apr 29, 6:29am
you may still get some strange error message when you try to connect to the printer with your windows 7 .........if tha'ts the case pop back in here and we'll try to help.....but you MUST relay any error message EXACLY as it's written

trademeandme, Apr 29, 7:19am
OK - I changed to WORKGROUP.Then went to add a printer on Windows7 laptop under 'Add a Printer'.I chose the heading 'Add a network, wirless or Bluetooth printer'(while the printer is on).
Reply was 'No Printers Were Found'
What have I missed please?

peter148, Apr 29, 9:32am
Is your printer turned on?Is it actually a wireless netowrk printer?

trademeandme, Jun 10, 12:07am
sorry - I have just come back to this as still not done, but it isn't wireless - we have a dynalink modem between the two computers.Still at the stage of changing to WORKGROUP on the XP desktop and haven't progressed from there - any more help please?

drcspy, Jun 10, 1:06am
did you SHARE the printer on the desktop BEFORE you went to 'add' in win7 ? wont see any printer thatn's not shared

trademeandme, Jun 10, 1:18am
no, how do I SHARE the printer please?

drcspy, Jun 10, 1:20am
.........right clik, your printer then clik .......sharing...

trademeandme, Jun 10, 1:26am
ok clicked sharing, now just trying windows 7 add printer.

trademeandme, Jun 10, 1:33am
no joy still - when in control panel, then add a printer, it asks to add a local printer or a network, wireless, or bluetooth printer
BUT the first option for a local printer says 'use only if you don't have a USB printer (Windows automatically installs USB printers when you plug them in).
The second option says 'Make sure that your computer is connected to the network, or that your Bluetooth or wireless printer is turned on.
So, I'm not certain which to choose I have WORKGROUP, not network?

mrfxit, Jun 10, 1:39am
Good grief I HATE doing it that way.
It's the cheapest but the hardest way to do it.
We use a simple "Print server" box (about the same size as a router/modem) thats networked via IP number & we share the single printer between Win Xp/ win7/ ubuntu & Various portable devices.

mrfxit, Jun 10, 1:39am
The Doc will help you on that.

drcspy, Jun 10, 1:40am
use NETWORK printer..........and dont worry about this:

it's NOT a local printer (that'd be one plugged into that machine
it's NOT any kind of bluetooth device.....

r.g.nixon, Jun 10, 1:40am
Choose network. Your network is named WORKGROUP.

trademeandme, Jun 10, 1:45am
ok, tried NETWORK - message is 'windows can't find a driver for Epson TX550W Series on the network. To locate one manually click OK. Otherise click cancel and consult your network administrator or the printer manufacturer's website.
BUT on the Win 7 puter I saw previously a Samsung universal driver when looking for a printer.

trademeandme, Jun 10, 1:47am
should I try to locate one manually? - but I don't know how.

drcspy, Jun 10, 1:48am

r.g.nixon, Jun 10, 1:49am
You need a Windows 7 driver for the printer. Download it and expand the files into a temporary directory. Then you can "locate one manually" as it told you above.

drcspy, Jun 10, 1:49am
firstly ............right clik 'my computer' then clik properties and take note whether you have a 32bit or 64bit version of windoze then goto the link I posted and download the dirver......

drcspy, Jun 10, 1:50am
once downloaded..........double clik it to 'install' it..............dont worry if it cant 'find' a printer just go thru the process...........THEN go back to the install network printer function

trademeandme, Jun 10, 1:53am
so, am I downloading to the xp computer or the 7?

drcspy, Jun 10, 1:54am
the 7 comp
you already have an XP driver for the xp computer dont you

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