Occasional typing sound, unknown source?

My MacBook Pro laptop occasionally gives off a typing sound, I've no idea where it comes from, but it has gone on (very occasionally) for a few months now. Could it be a virus or a keylogger?

geek_frida6, May 1, 5:27 pm

Describe "typing sound".Is it coming from your speakers?

Could it be a mail/twitter/gmail/etc alert?

geek_dunedin_ree, May 1, 5:28 pm

it sounds like the noise you make when typing on a keyboard.
I think it can happen when not connected to the internet, don't think it is an alert.

geek_frida6, May 1, 6:52 pm

hahah keyloggers DONT give out typing sounds (keyloggers SILENTLY and sneakily electronically record all keyboard/mouse and sometimes screen acivity they DON'T make 'typing sounds' rofl)and i've never heard of a virus that would either.....and it's a apple mac so a virus/keylogger is a VERY REMOTE possibility..........

geek_drcspy, May 1, 7:02 pm

you sure it's not your phone syncing with the cell tower they often put an electronic noise thru any handy speakers.....

geek_drcspy, May 1, 7:03 pm

I think there is a Universal Access option..


geek_gibler, May 1, 7:06 pm

i have had the same problem. and i cannot find the source. i think it may be coming from my speakers, but it could be a hardware problem, too.
it sounds of fast irregular typing. i have checked my processes and file traced every single one of them. none are malicious. of course, it could very well be hidden. any help would really be appreciated because its annoying the hell out of me.

geek_ursinetsunami, May 17, 8:04 pm

I have this same problem. Seems like a typing noise, followed by a beep. It happens even when the computer is not connected to the Internet, and when computer speakers are off. First noticed it after upgrading to Windows 10. I've actually recorded the noise, if it would help someone to diagnose it.

geek_dangerville, Nov 9, 8:47 pm