ADSL2+ Wireless router for home under $300

ilottl, May 1, 8:43am
Which ones are recommended. Just brought a new TP-lINK TD-W8960N after recommendations but seems to be flakely with wireless compared to my old 3com officeconnect. Any recommendations, has to be rj11 adsl

pcfix4u, May 1, 8:53am
3com are great and all that I used until they became hard to get.

I like Netgear.

Cant understand why the TP-lINK TD-W8960Nis not performing it has all the wizz and bang.

smac, May 1, 9:02am
What else has been changed?

d.snell, May 1, 9:11am
Get a normal non wireless adsl2+ router, (anything will just about do), and get a ubiquito nanostation2 and plug it in to it.Should be able to do it for under $200.
Also, consider a VDSL2compatible router because Telecom should have it rolled out by Xmas

spyware, May 1, 9:34am

d.snell, May 1, 9:46am

fraseroz1, May 1, 11:01am
Fritz!box 7270 will do the job nicely as well.Maybe a bit more in NZ dollars tho. Also allows pairing of phones for VOIP an does Wireless N as well/Other stuff as well which you can see on their site as well

johnf_456, May 1, 11:06am
3com do not exist anymore they are now taken over by HP:

Just in case you are not aware, but yip 3com make a great gear.

intrade, May 1, 9:39pm
well i got me over 1 year ago a linksys modem router from cisco with gigabit wireless lan, back then almost non had gigabit lan wrt-350 i think is its number modem router 2 in one. 250$ i have paid and i think its adsl-2

intrade, May 1, 9:41pm
my last one was us-robotics and thats 3com. seems its now Hp could not find new 3com when i purchased my replacment however so switched to linksys.

johnf_456, May 1, 10:57pm
Yup they are taking over but takes time to phase everything out.

brucie44, May 2, 12:13am
hmmmsounds like my TP Linkbunch of problems.RangNZhelpnumber,get switched to Chinaand got chinese ladywho I could not understand.
My solutionwas to buya Belkin modem off trademe.All is well.

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