Advice on laptops please

motorbo, May 2, 7:30am
what is a better brand and a better store to buy from?

r.g.nixon, May 2, 7:37am
ASUS & Toshiba. Apple Macbook if you have simple needs and money.

ettenyl, May 2, 7:39am

suicidemonkey, May 2, 7:48am

motorbo, May 2, 7:48am
cheers someone else said asus.......any reason why?

gibler, May 2, 7:51am

motorbo, May 2, 9:01am
man kewl thanks

marlbra, May 2, 9:26am
that report was released in 2009 using 2008 data, so pretty dated now, but I would probably agree with the results in general, asus are not that easy to locate in NZ toshiba and dell are pretty much on a par these days and easy enough to get hold of either one, dell tends to use "newer" hardware and nice little upgrades, toshiba tends to sell on brand reputation, both are pretty equal in terms of reliabiltity, as you can read in the report, stay well clear of HP and Acer, gateway not so common here, sony good but very pricey, apple ok but pricey, lenovo tend to be business focussed rather than for home users,

motorbo, May 2, 9:41pm
thank you, so far price wise etc toshiba seems to be winning

honestyisbest, May 3, 3:28pm
I wouldn't get an Acer or buy from Dick Smith ever again,my uncle who has a major disability bought an Acer laptop from them after they talked him into there shop-soiled one for an hour, he was so convinced and excited he bought it without a discount for being a display model (he did ask but they said no), when he got it home he left it in the box for a few weeks before he used it as he was waiting for someone to set it up for him, when he did finally use it we all noticed it had some strange display issues, DSE wouldn't send it to Acer in Australia for repairs, so he had to do it himself, he sent it to Acer 5 times, didn't get to use it for over 3 months, and it came back with the same issues and once came back with a massive long deep scratch across the lid,which looked deliberate, he sent it back again because the manager said they would fix the scratch, but it just came straight back untouched, and then DSE finally agreed to send it away to Auckland, I told him I was pretty sure it was graphic card fault from day one, he told this to Acer and DSE and took pictures of the fault, who did nothing except keep reinstalling drivers it already had.DSE who were very rude to him, finally sent it back to him after a month, by this stage he was so enraged he just gave up and sold it.When he picked it up from DSE they told him they replaced the graphics card, but on the report it said they only reinstalled the video drivers.He ended up selling it for a third of what he paid for it.I have also had issues with DSE and so have my folks, but that's another story for another time.

drcspy, May 3, 3:37pm
you really need to learn about consumer rights, you (your uncle or whoever ) got screwed for no good reason.

hakatere1, May 3, 3:40pm
Real horror story. Was this in Levin? Obviously a case of them taking advantage of someone with a disability. I can understand why some peeps would grab a high powered weapon and waste a few.

pcmaster, May 3, 3:50pm
DSE are absolute pricks to deal with when it comes to returns of faulty products, they tend to try to avoid helping you.

honestyisbest, May 3, 4:02pm
I would also be a bit reluctant to buy a Toshiba, only because I've had some issues with them, in my experience they are prone to overheating problems, and a battery. I would check that this is no longer an issue.I would consider a Dell, had dells before and they always served me well.I recommend in the store checking how warm they feel, and how quiet the fans run.My toshiba feels so hot you could almost cook an egg on it, it has been this way since new, it also shorts out intermittently since new.The charger also feels really hot, compared to my newest laptop.I heard Norman Ross and 100% have good after sales service, I think it was in a consumer mag.I haven't had any issues with Noel Leeming, although they aren't renowned for good service.Never had to deal with Dell support, but I heard it's not easy.I have had nothing but good experiences with Dell and I would personally consider them.I would consider another Toshiba if it has sorted out the overheating issues.

honestyisbest, May 3, 4:16pm
Yes my uncle was screwed, I tried to convince him to take DSE to a tribunal under the consumer guarantee act, but he was going through a very hard time in his life and he just couldn't be bothered in the end.He just said he was over it, after he caused a scene in the store, there was name calling from both sides, it was nasty.That's when they sent it to their technician in Auckland.They told him it was fixed.And he either beleived them or couldn't care less, he didn't want to look at it anymore, I tested it and it still had the problem, but he said he didn't care anymore, he just wanted to be rid of it.Yes it was in Levin.I think if he had gone to a tribunal, he would most likely have got all his money back.Oh well.

drcspy, May 3, 4:41pm
personally I wasn't aware that toshibas as such overheat........I just bought one on easter weekend - normally i'd buy Asus but this was a nice machine which suited me and was an excellent price.Yes lol it was purchased from dicksmiths but i'd give them credit if they manage to give ME the 'run around' should it ever break now it's sitting on a piece of cardboard ON MY LAP (lol) and coretemp says 34-38 degrees for the two cores.........quite acceptable......has a quiet enuf fan when it runs also..........

this is the one I got: I believe they were $1399 and they had it down to $919 for easter saturday only.......lucky me.....nice little machine

flybye_in_a_rx7, May 4, 1:54am
people say asus and toshiba but ive blown up a toshiba within 72 hours (no not on purpose and no hard use, just internet) and SIL has had her toshiba crap out on her 4 times. she changed to a sony. i got a acer after the toshiba, had it for 3 years, still going good. but upgraded anyway and got a hp

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