Ctrl and 'window' flag button question?

edge2, May 2, 8:12am
i just had a random fone call from overseas saying there was a problem with my internet and to push these two buttons together....I am still on hold to my internet provider, but wondering what would have happened if I did?

I know it's a blonde question lol

vtecintegra, May 2, 8:16am
That combo does nothing.

They'd probably have asked you to press Windows key + R and then run some potentially malicious command if you'd have stayed on the line.

edge2, May 2, 8:20am
Well that was strange then wasn't it?
Just got of the fone to my provider and they said there where no issues with our connection so all good....thanks for the quick reply :)

chris, May 2, 8:58am
Probably a scammer, hoping you'd installed their spyware, and needed to press Ctrl+Win to activate it.

If a random callers asks you to start doing stuff do your computer, don't do it...

revliskci, May 2, 10:13am
If you get a random phone call from overseas saying there is a problem with your house and you should set fire to it, would you do it?

mgc54, May 2, 9:53pm
Sounds like a variation of the "Your PC has a virus" SCAM that is still doing the rounds.There have been lots of threads about it. Put "scam" in the search box top left on this page where it says "Keyword or member" set the "Date Posted" to anytime and hit search. Take your pick of the threads.

interesting_call, Apr 5, 8:56am
Just happened to me tonight asking me to hit those keys.
Problem is if you do a virus run does it clear the problem if someone else hits the keys by mistake or on another call.

guest, Sep 27, 6:02pm
Had the same call and asked where they were calling from and was told London. When asked to supply number I was given 1800397290 does this mean anything to anyone? as its not a London number.

guest, Aug 3, 4:53pm
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guest, Aug 7, 1:40am
Righini, this is radically difrfeent in it's base and doesn't require 4 or 6 plugins chomping memory to get it to look like that, which is why I give a shit. I think this new design is great, Chrome-ish in nature and I don't criticise them for that it's a good interface, really maximises workspace, simplified for 90% of the browsing you do and you can still get to menus easily for advanced shit. I like it.

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