Help! trying 2install wireless epson printer

leah14, May 2, 9:12am
hi, i've bought a new sx420 wireless inkjet printer for my imac.
i've installed the software several times, following the instructions each time and though it says my printer is recognised, when it comes to testing it at the end of the install, it says the printer is offline. i really don't know what i've done. the insall seems to have gone differently each time. plus, i don't know how to uninstall on a mac. i've got work to do on this blimin thing tomorrow. can anyone please help?

gyrogearloose, May 2, 9:14am
Is the printer offline? Is there an LCD screen, does it say "Ready"?

leah14, May 2, 9:22am
the lcd screen is on, it does't say ready but has an alive lcd screen with colour, andnumber options on it. it doesn't say ready

shane.64, May 2, 9:25am

sprinter51, May 2, 9:30am
Dont know about Macs but with windows you have to tell it "share this Printer"

shane.64, May 2, 9:34am
Yes I had this problem.Quite tricky to set up if you don't know ! and the epson help doesn't tell you the obvious

leah14, May 2, 9:38am
i've not tried printing while connected via a usb. not even sure how to do that.thanks but that epson link doesnt seem appropriate to my setup...the illustrations it gives for what the lcd screen looks like when the wireless is on don't look anything like my screen. the wifi light is on though. i feel so dumb

shane.64, May 2, 9:46am
Don't know what you mean the link has all the operating systems.Find the right one and download that .Sometimes you need to plug in the usb cable while you are downloading the driver or cd if its new it will have one

leah14, May 2, 9:48am
just went through the wireless lan settlings on the printer itself and they confirm they're connected to my network. i wonder if i've set the printer up to print from another network on my computer. how do i check that?

leah14, May 2, 9:49am
does it matter if i keep on downloading drivers and installing them? it'd be about four or five that i've installed now

shane.64, May 2, 9:52am
Cant see how your pc will have the driver installed without the printer been connected while installing

spyware, May 2, 9:57am
Sharing the printer doesn't typically apply to devices with IP addresses, why would it, as you print directly to the printer and NOT to a share. In this example we are talking about a wireless device with an IP address (ISO OSI layer 3 - the network layer). We then print to this IP address.

spyware, May 2, 10:00am
Stop wasting your time and stick your head in the sand. If we asked if you how you connected the printer to your wireless network, what is your SSID and passphrase,you wouldn't have a clue so why should we bother.

You don't even mention if you have a wireless access point of any sort. If not does your mac connect directly to the printer in ad-hoc mode.

You tell us.

shane.64, May 2, 10:38am
Sometimes the head in the sand is a good idea

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