Printer Problem Canon ip4000

xcowgirl, May 3, 3:30am
I cannot print in colour from word documents. Greyscale has NOT been selected. Pages from the web can be printed in colour. Ink tanks are full.Have done Deep Cleaning and Nozzle Cleaning under 'Mainrtenance'. Test pattern only prints Black 3e tank.What is going on?How can I fix this? Please help.

silver-trader, May 3, 3:40am
Have you checked the "Ink Cartridge Settings" should also be under maintenance.

gyrogearloose, May 3, 3:57am
Whenever I see Word doing something unexplained, I advocate searching for and removing all instances of the file "" - could be in hidden folders.

drsr, May 3, 6:56am
The test pattern (I assume you mean the nozzle check pattern from the printer Maintenance tab) not working means something is wrong with the printer. Have you tried restarting it by unplugging the printer from the mains, leaving it for a minute, then plugging it in again?

happy2buy, May 3, 8:27am
Restarting the printer will not fix anything. I love Canons but they are famous for print head clogging up. Try doing a deep clean or3 standard head cleaning cycles and then print a nozzle check and see if it has improved. If not you may need to remove the print head and sock it in 2-3mm of isopropyl alcohol for 30 minutes and then cleaning the print head with a very soft tissue.

happy2buy, May 3, 8:29am
If you cant get it going you could list it on Trademe.

drsr, May 3, 8:51am
If it's printing in colour from the web browser then the print heads aren't so clogged up that they wouldn't print anything at all in a nozzle check. The printer firmware does go west from time to time and needs a reboot.

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