Multifunction Printer/Fax Problem

davedog, May 3, 8:58am
OK - This has got me stuffed...

I've bought a HP 1212nf to replace my old Multifunction. Connected it up and it won't answer the incoming calls (faxability - single rings)

Now - Before you think I am an idiot, and something glaring is wrong. My previous printer (also an HP but a J4580 works fine) - no problems at all.

I have been through the HP Helpdesk hoops - replacement cables have been tried, all other devices plugged into the phone network at home have been disconnected, settings have been changed, they've sent a replacement printer - and no... doesn't fix the problem...

But - Plug the old one in - no problem at all...

Does anyone have any suggestions before I go insane?

(And keeping the old one isn't an option - ADF is broken, Inkjet makes it dear to run and kids can't print from downstairs)

Help? Anyone? Please?

dougstringer, May 3, 9:13am
Had a similar problem with a different hp laser fax. Call HP & log a job. They kept calling me back with modifications to the settings until it worked.

davedog, May 3, 9:17am
I'll give it a go - last one I've spend ages changing settings until they decided to replace it...

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