New computer advice, please help

azurebay, May 3, 9:20pm
ok so i have just gone and brought a new laptop, do I need to tell my isp that I have a new computer, as I am i dial up, or do I just plug in and go from there?

qazzy03, May 3, 10:07pm
plug in and set up your dail up option on need to bug ISP.

drcspy, May 3, 10:09pm
none of their business how many computers you own you dont need to tell telecom if you buy a new home phone .........

azurebay, May 3, 10:21pm
ok thanks for that:)

hakatere1, May 3, 10:23pm
Hope your new laptop has a built in modem, other wise, you'll have to buy a usb one.

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