Laptop Advice Please

celtic1966, May 3, 9:30pm
Hi, I have a HP Pavilion dv6-1203ax Entertainment Notebook PC, up to a week ago it had been running fine, but now when attempting to use certain programmes, it overheats and shuts down.It is strange as other programmes it has no problem at all...

Thanks in advance for your help

swivel, May 3, 10:30pm
Well, Have to ask as to what your NoteBook is sitting on ??E.G. Lap, Bed, chair or on a flat area. You will find a vent on the side of the NoteBook, See if it gets good air flow,Is the fan working ??

celtic1966, May 3, 10:39pm
it is on a flat surface, a cooling pad.

tool_shop173, May 4, 12:22am
too much pron ?

drcspy, May 4, 12:23am
check the fans for dust......

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