Security Certificate for Wifi Access.

Well to access a Wifi Network I want to access, it says I need a certificate. So I downloaded and installed the certificate needed. (This is in Windows XP Pro SP2). It is working on other computers that have Windows 7. When I go to connect the Wifi Network, it says cannot find Security Certificate in the bubble on the bottom left hand corner of screen. HELP Please :)

geek_timtec, May 4, 7:48 pm

What is the setup are you using a radius server? i would contact the person who admins the network to get hold of the certificate because the certificates must match at each end.

geek_jdncomz, May 4, 8:01 pm

Well... They didn't really know. It was set up by a technician they said. I just thought that it was weird how it was going on Windows 7 (with the same certificate) but not XP Pro.

geek_timtec, May 4, 8:10 pm

Have you installed the Certificate on the PC you are trying to connect from?

geek_jdncomz, May 4, 8:14 pm


geek_timtec, May 4, 8:16 pm

You may need to do some setting up in the Wireless cards Properties, i have found this site that may help guide you.

geek_jdncomz, May 4, 8:31 pm

Thanks for that. I will try it tomorrow and see what happens!

geek_timtec, May 4, 8:45 pm