Acer A500 tablet

gilco2, May 5, 7:37am
was going to ask on geekzone but cant connect again, just times out.Has anyone had experience with one. I read it has 10 hours battery life so similar to Ipad.The main thing is how is the screen, is it as good as Ipad.I like the Ipad for movies and especially ebook reading.I had bought an Archos 101 tablet to do this but the screen is horrible and not suitable for reading , and also even slight angle and screen is blacked out

twaymouth, May 5, 8:21am
I had a go with one today at jb-hifi, Really nice device, well made with a nice metal body, The guy in the shop said they had had it for about 3 days and the staff had been playing with it and showing it to a few people ( it was locked away in a cupboard )and it still had 40% battery life. The software however is a bit patchy. I.e. some apps don't work or do strange things, GPS is flakey and I was able to bring it to its knees by enabling a live wallpaper but hopefully these issues will be fixed with a software update. The screen is very nice and responsive and has a good viewing angle however it is quite glossy and shows up lots of finger prints. Overall a very nice piece of kit, If I had the $ I would be buying one.

gilco2, May 5, 8:34am
Okay thanks for that. Think I might stay with Ipad a bit longer. Pity Ipad didnt have standard USB port or sd card reader

7of9, May 5, 8:37am
Really good tablet i would buy it over an IPAD anyday due to its cheaper and has higher specs and a better OS. Personally the only thing that lets it down is the fact its an acer if it was an asus or something i would recommend it alot more.

twaymouth, May 5, 9:00am
Yes it is very nice and Acer have done a good job designing and building it but the software is a bit of a let down, I really hope they fix the issues that it has, A device that capable should not lag when carrying out simple operations.

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