Downloaded a movie on torrent that is stuck seedin Page 1 / 3

julie28, May 6, 12:33am
How long does this usually take please

pd18, May 6, 12:36am
Has it finished downloading?

If it has and is just seeding. stop the torrent as you've downloaded the movie but your also helping others download it. It also takes up a bit of a usage if you leave it running

julie28, May 6, 12:40am
How do you stop the torrent

julie28, May 6, 12:41am
I have stopped it but how do I go about watching the movie all new to me

pd18, May 6, 12:46am
My torrents go into a downloaded file in my documents, check there. Go to the movie and play it. Best to play it on VLC Media Player. If you don't have it. Download it

johnf_456, May 6, 12:53am
Unless your using a private torrent tracker, but everyone leeched there would be no share.

julie28, May 6, 1:06am
Found it in Download file but how do you get it to play

paddaricko, May 6, 1:10am
what size is the file? right click/ properties? What torrent client you use? UTorrent? What happens when you double click on it?

julie28, May 6, 1:15am
1.37 GB and when I double click on it it comes up with
CD1File Folder
CD2File Folder
TVYSystem info

drcspy, May 6, 1:15am
and if you clik IN to cd1/2 folder whats in there ?

reeveopd, May 6, 1:16am

julie28, May 6, 1:16am
Masses of files

drcspy, May 6, 1:19am
double clik on a vob file

reeveopd, May 6, 1:20am
You probably have a RAR archive.

Download WinRar

Once installed double click on one of those files to begin extraction.

dunedin_ree, May 6, 1:29am
You decided to wait until after the new "downloading" law was in place to start torrenting movies?

drcspy, May 6, 1:32am
yep maybe it's be useful if they would tell us WHAT files they have.........unfortunatley these days windows by default hides 'known file type extensions' it's NOT helpful

davedog, May 6, 1:33am
Would have been easier to pay for a legitimate copy of the movie eh...

paddaricko, May 6, 1:34am
what's the extension letters at the end of one of the masses of files? as in dot something .rar or something else?

reeveopd, May 6, 1:36am
Lol, you are quite right there. It would also help if they knew what a file extension is in the first place. I've only been on this board a few days and my jaw has dropped several times, it's quite entertaining really.

julie28, May 6, 1:38am
I am thinking so too

little_egypt, May 6, 1:38am
Tip for the future; look for torrents that are AVI format and about 700-800MB.. they'll be ordinary DVD quality. The bigger downloads are either DVD images (a fairly inefficient mpeg1 compression, so the same quality but just wasted space) or HD which you probably don't really want anyhow.

reeveopd, May 6, 1:39am
Wash your mouth out! I love 720p MKV's with DTS!

drcspy, May 6, 1:39am
lol stick around you're in for a LOT of entertainment

little_egypt, May 6, 1:42am
See this is how the movie industry could "compete with free." -- because it's not really free!! It's a learning curve for newbies, it's a dollar a GB or more in traffic charges for most of us. Make DVD's slightly less of a rip-off price ($15 instead of $35+) and stop putting endless unskippable piracy warnings and previews on them (looking at you in particular, Disney!) ..

A lot of people don't really want to 'steal' modies, they just know your prices are a rip-off and they're fed up with being lectured at. The only people who see those anti-piracy messages are your paying customers! Pirates rip just the movie and leave that crap behind.

drcspy, May 6, 1:43am
yeh those warnings are stupid when you've already paid for the bloody movie

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