Acer not reading my sony memory stick arggg

Last year laptop had a melt down, sent to get it fixed, lost all software, he said he reinstalled window vista,all running sweet, But it wont read the sony memeory stick, it used to , usb works fine bluetooth now going but still no sony card, argghh, must be somewhere i can download a new driver maybe, i dont really no

geek_bubzpoos, May 6, 4:15 pm

Check device manage to see if there are any errors associated with the card slot.

geek_reeveopd, May 6, 4:19 pm

Check the memory stick is readable on another card reader/computer

geek_shaneo2, May 6, 5:17 pm

If you don't have data on the stick which you need to keep, it can be reformatted, this might help

geek_smine, May 6, 6:15 pm