Where to get an older version of OS X from?

mattnzw, May 6, 10:51am
I am thinking of buying an older apple G5. However the auctions I have seem say it doesn't come with the OS. I believe it will run tiger or leopard, but not snow leopard as it is using the older power mac chips rather than the new intel ones. So where does one get an older copy of OSX from? I have looked at online stores but they don't seen to sell it, and some will just sell snow leopard upgrades, which I presume you need the original software first.

dunedin_ree, May 6, 10:54am
Yeah, you need to buy it second-hand, or download it. Your Mac would've come with a copy of OSX so, imo, there's nothing wrong with borrowing a copy as you alrready *own* it. Might have come with something quite old like 10.3 or 10.4 tho.

jancemord, May 6, 10:54am

vtecintegra, May 6, 11:04am
Don't bother with it.Nothing more useless than a PPC Mac these days

thegilly, May 6, 11:18am
If you have your heart set on a G5, and are prepared to accept the limitations that come with choosing such an old machine, I'd suggest that you wait until one comes up for sale which DOES come with all the original software, discs, etc.

mattnzw, May 7, 5:13am
Thanks, that is what I will do, as it is less hassle. The only reason I am getting one is to run old osx software, that I only have a license for the Mac, leopard or older..

pcfix4u, May 7, 5:23am
Whack LInux on it.

mattnzw, May 7, 5:32am
I need to run osx tiger leopard or due to the old software I have got.

floydbloke, May 7, 6:12am
I have no idea about Macs and their O/S licencing.I do have the retail media and packaging, complete with user guide for Leopard 10.5 (looks the same as this: 373404007).I got it by legitimate means but I have no idea if it has already been installed somewhere, and what implications that might have on registration, licencing.Anyway, I have no use for it so if it's any good to you sing out and we can make arrangements to get it to you.

profink, May 7, 8:59am
There are no registration/licensing limitations with OS X, AFAIK.

morrisman1, May 7, 9:38am
You could just download 10.4 off the net guilt free, the machine already has a licence for that. If you wanted leopard then you would have to source a legitimate DVD if you want to do it the legal way

floydbloke, May 7, 9:40am
Really?? That's the bit I'm not sure about.Not sure if I made it clear but it's possible that the media I have has already been used and there is a Mac running somewhere on 'its' licence.Would that not mean that it shouldn't be installed on another machine, unless that target machine already has a licence for it .I wouldn't expect that you would be allowed to use one retail set of OS/X on ten machines??

(I'm thinking along the lines of Microsoft's OEM licencingversus their retail or Open Licence models.)

pcfix4u, May 7, 9:50am
run osx tiger leopard on linux


I haven't tried this as I am mac stupid.

gibler, May 7, 10:20am
The restore discs have licences that means they should remain part of the hardware bundle. (last time I looked).Also retail discs are limited to one machine install (unless you buy family packs).

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