Anyone been involved in a scam by PC Online Care?

We are constantly being contacted by them through phone calls and now emails.....anyone else been contacted by this overseas company?

geek_tongie, May 7, 9:22 am

geek_pcfix4u, May 7, 9:45 am


geek_tongie, May 7, 4:49 pm

...anyone else???....

geek_tongie, May 12, 8:13 am

there are a million threads..

geek_gibler, May 12, 8:37 am

Hi. I have been rung 2 times in the past month with a women telling me my PC has a virus in it and they will tell me how to fix it for a fee,I just tell them its already at the PC shop getting repaired, thank you, goodby.Could be the same fraudsters.Cheers

geek_princess4, May 12, 9:12 pm

Why are you thanking people that are trying to scam you? Grow some balls and tell them to piss off.

geek_dunedin_ree, May 12, 9:30 pm

Lol, reckon, one of the main reasons why I like to play with them.

geek_johnf_456, May 12, 9:33 pm

this is happening quite a lot. my friend was dalmost duped into paying these people over the phone when he was tricked into installing a program on his pc and then wanted him to pay for it. tell them your job is IT and they will soon hang up. i have had a few myself, i say to them hang on a min and leave the phone on the table so they waste there time lol. they soon go away

geek_guest, May 12, 9:56 pm

Yeah, they are quite persistent. They called me at midnight once, so I sat down in front of the mac and did what they asked (we stalled pretty quickly) caller went off and got supervisor.. and still no luck. After 20 minutes I said, was it because I had a macintosh? (phone hangs up).

One the other day I just said "you want my credit card details now?" (phone hangs up).

geek_martinhb, May 12, 10:03 pm

I told him to piss offwznker. He yelled back in chinglish,"you bigbish winker in new zealand" and slamed the phone down. Ha ha.

geek_chito, May 13, 8:04 am

Emails!!How did they get your email address?

geek_smine, May 13, 8:09 am

I have been rung three times this week, the third time they asked for me by name, so now they not only have your phone number, they also have your name to go with that number. So I would imagine they now have our addresses
as well.

geek_youngagran, May 13, 10:21 am

How did they get your email address?

geek_beurernz, May 16, 8:27 pm

there was some talk it was from data taken from an insecure ISP not to long back

geek_wishes, May 16, 8:29 pm

or perhaps Facebook?

geek_beurernz, May 16, 8:32 pm

Gosh we get a lot of these threads, I wish trademe would do a sticky at the top for these threads. Whats everyone else's thoughts.

geek_johnf_456, May 16, 8:38 pm

These scam IT calls. I wonder if anyone gets calls and you
answer the phone and no one answers back?
Are they testing random phone numbers for humans to answer back? Then they ring back a couple of days later with a real operator on the phones which were answered?

geek_mr-word, May 16, 11:46 pm

A co-worker has even been rung twice, I have not been rung at all, feeling very left out, sniff...

geek_ctnz, May 17, 8:20 am

They have an autodialler (just a computer program) that rings LOTS of numbers on all the lines that aren't already in use as quickly as it can, and as soon as they reach a number that gets a voice (IE someone answered) they transfer it to the next available operator.

But sometimes there is no 'next available operator' to handle the call, which is why sometimes you get called and there's no-one there or all you hear is 'goodbye' and they hang up.

geek_little_egypt, May 17, 9:07 am

Why .Anyone who has a complain can post here !

geek_beurernz, May 17, 4:39 pm

We are still waiting for them to call us too.Want to have some fun with them.......

geek_gdnshack, May 17, 4:46 pm

Yeah but its not just this thread its probably hundreds of them

geek_johnf_456, May 17, 4:50 pm

I can't wait to give these people some f-bombs over the phone.

geek_mr-word, May 17, 4:53 pm

I just got a phantom phone call I wonder if it was them ringing.

geek_mr-word, May 17, 6:27 pm

I went along with it for 5 minutes or so until she asked me what was on the screen.. I said the message on the screen said - 'this is a scam'.
She got angry and said 'you are a very silly woman' and hung up !!

geek_jmhb51, May 17, 8:21 pm

They should. I'm actually getting more annoyed with the threads than the phone calls!

geek_speedwayfan1, May 17, 9:46 pm

^^ tell me about it

geek_johnf_456, May 17, 9:48 pm


every time someone posts a new thread they seem to think that no-one else has heard of this before - where the hell do these people LIVE ? It's been on the news (tv/papers/internet) for MONTHS.........

geek_drcspy, May 17, 10:05 pm


Actually I heard about it over a year ago or 2 ago but I still agree we need a sticky.

geek_johnf_456, May 17, 10:08 pm

Had one tonight. He wanted $300 put into his Indian Western Union account, 0800 number does not belong to Western Union. As I rung them then rung the number and its a random number.
But I got their "so called" Sydney number that he wanted me to ring back once I'd deposited the funds to unfreeze my computer.

Have laid a complaint with Orb Netsafe. So hopefully they can get everything shut down (until they start all over again)


geek_jason60, May 17, 10:42 pm

If you do not like this thread and others than stay away from these threads.
I think it is more of an awareness thatthe more these threads are posted the more people take notice of these scams

geek_beurernz, May 17, 10:49 pm

^ well keep it to one thread and read the news

geek_johnf_456, May 17, 10:53 pm

Is that so??? How come that it was only posted in the Herald yesterday morning , besides having received since March every night a phone call, I was getting so annoyed that I reported the calls to Vodafone, who never heard of this scam either.

geek_beurernz, May 17, 10:57 pm

geek_johnf_456, May 17, 11:00 pm

Ok ok have only been reading Computing board since the last three days ,

geek_beurernz, May 18, 12:13 am

had my call. told her i had been waiting for this call.i sounded too happy as she hung up on me.googled the ph number and it came from indias telecom somewhere.the only number i had meant the call came from a number on indian telecom.

geek_mothergoose_nz, May 18, 1:17 pm

you dont understand these people are more than likely based in india or some ohter country who dont give a damn ? They wont be shut down anytime soon - if ever

geek_drcspy, May 18, 1:54 pm

rofl a REAL person who does live on a desert island !

geek_drcspy, May 18, 1:55 pm

39 Where do you live? OhhI know in Nomansland

geek_beurernz, May 18, 8:39 pm

The next thing, somebody will say that all these Nigerian princes aren't actually going to wire me a percentage of their multi squillion $ inheritance.

geek_kcf, May 19, 1:40 pm

their 'service' sure is slow I"m still waiting

geek_drcspy, May 19, 3:42 pm

How do I stop PconlineCare harrassing me. They have maqnaged to hack in once in April and ?300 went from my bank account

geek_billyshep, Oct 23, 12:47 pm