Anyone been involved in a scam by PC Online Care? Page 2 / 2

jmhb51, May 17, 8:21am
I went along with it for 5 minutes or so until she asked me what was on the screen.. I said the message on the screen said - 'this is a scam'.
She got angry and said 'you are a very silly woman' and hung up !!

speedwayfan1, May 17, 9:46am
They should. I'm actually getting more annoyed with the threads than the phone calls!

johnf_456, May 17, 9:48am
^^ tell me about it

drcspy, May 17, 10:05am

every time someone posts a new thread they seem to think that no-one else has heard of this before - where the hell do these people LIVE ? It's been on the news (tv/papers/internet) for MONTHS.........

johnf_456, May 17, 10:08am

Actually I heard about it over a year ago or 2 ago but I still agree we need a sticky.

jason60, May 17, 10:42am
Had one tonight. He wanted $300 put into his Indian Western Union account, 0800 number does not belong to Western Union. As I rung them then rung the number and its a random number.
But I got their "so called" Sydney number that he wanted me to ring back once I'd deposited the funds to unfreeze my computer.

Have laid a complaint with Orb Netsafe. So hopefully they can get everything shut down (until they start all over again)


beurernz, May 17, 10:49am
If you do not like this thread and others than stay away from these threads.
I think it is more of an awareness thatthe more these threads are posted the more people take notice of these scams

johnf_456, May 17, 10:53am
^ well keep it to one thread and read the news

beurernz, May 17, 10:57am
Is that so??? How come that it was only posted in the Herald yesterday morning , besides having received since March every night a phone call, I was getting so annoyed that I reported the calls to Vodafone, who never heard of this scam either.

johnf_456, May 17, 11:00am

beurernz, May 17, 12:13pm
Ok ok have only been reading Computing board since the last three days ,

mothergoose_nz, May 18, 1:17am
had my call. told her i had been waiting for this call.i sounded too happy as she hung up on me.googled the ph number and it came from indias telecom somewhere.the only number i had meant the call came from a number on indian telecom.

drcspy, May 18, 1:54am
you dont understand these people are more than likely based in india or some ohter country who dont give a damn ? They wont be shut down anytime soon - if ever

drcspy, May 18, 1:55am
rofl a REAL person who does live on a desert island !

beurernz, May 18, 8:39am
39 Where do you live? OhhI know in Nomansland

kcf, May 19, 1:40am
The next thing, somebody will say that all these Nigerian princes aren't actually going to wire me a percentage of their multi squillion $ inheritance.

drcspy, May 19, 3:42am
their 'service' sure is slow I"m still waiting

billyshep, Oct 22, 11:47pm
How do I stop PconlineCare harrassing me. They have maqnaged to hack in once in April and ?300 went from my bank account

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