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holden_mad, May 7, 2:38am
I'm having issues, I have just brought a domain name and have got web hosting sorted, through someone else, for now I am just using asitebuilder that the hosting company suppiled, issue I am having is publishing the site. How do I make the web hostings and domain name cometogether as such. Btw Im not the brightest when it comes to all this. :) Anyone able to give me a clue to where I might be going wrong?

sighkick, May 7, 2:51am
You need to go into your Domain Name Registrar site and add the DNS records for the Web Host - alternatively you need to point the A and C-Names to the new host but continue to use the Domain Registrars DNS servers.

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holden_mad, May 7, 3:29am
Thank you for that, I'm having problems with the domain registers page now and it wont load. Once I get that problem out of the road I will see if it is pointing at it. If it helps in any way, I have the name registered with onlydomains and the host is hostgator.

sighkick, May 7, 3:52am
You have to get the two DNS server names from Hostgator and insert them into the Domain Name Control panel instead of the ones already there.I am not familiar with onlydomains but they should be same as the others.Hope you haven't paid more than say $30 for a year's registration.

mattnzw, May 7, 5:10am
Contact your host and domain company to get it all setup correctly, they are the ones you are paying.

jana.f.hayes, May 7, 6:21am
While some hosts will do that for you, it's not what you're paying them for. So not all of them will do it for you. It will require them to log into YOUR account at the domain registra you used. I used to use GoDaddy, but now I use Namecheap.

You need to change the Nameservers. Usually they are NS1.<hoster>.com
You would usually do this individually for each domain, on the site of the domain registra. Under "Edit domain" perhaps.

EG: Mine used to be NS1.holdfire.net

Pretty sure that's all you have to do.

groverg, May 7, 6:54am
yep, pretty sure that's what's needed.
might take a while for the changes to take effect too!

holden_mad, May 8, 12:00am
Hey thanks guys very helpful, I think I may have the settings right now, have manged to put the 2 DNS names on the domain register. By the sounds of it this just doesnt take effect stright away and may take some time to change. I just though with the power of the net these days everything was instant at a click of a button. sighkick, I paid $14.95 a year for a .co.nz. Only reason I went with a oversea host was it is a photography site so need to have heaps of upload room. Now I guess I just have to sit and wait, so it can be published.

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