Best printer for home/business

jojo76, May 7, 9:58pm
At the moment i have a Brother mfc 260c, which has been great, but not feeding paper properly, and probably not worth getting fixed.
So i am after another one for home/office use, i do quite a bit of scanning and photocoping so, something that is fast with good quality, would be great.
And the cost of cartridges has to be reasonable.
Any recomednations?

jojo76, May 7, 10:05pm
And a question..if i was to get a wireless printer does my desktop computer have to be wireless too? Cheers

rgtrading, May 7, 10:08pm
Yes, but you can buy a wireless dongle which will give your computer the capability. IMHO, Brother printers are to be avoided, certainly, the DPC series anyway. Online reviews look upon them very unfavourably, as does my personal experience with one.

jubre, May 27, 2:18am
I want to ask the same question as #1.

My Lexmark is on its last legs, but has been great.

Anyone got any recommendations for this month please.

gyrogearloose, May 27, 2:24am
No, your desktop does not need to be wireless and you won't need to buy a dongle.

The part you may need to get if yoou haven't already got one, is either (a) an ADSL modem with a wireless router or (b) a wireless router that you connect to your existing ADSL modem. You'll know if you already have one, it has a 4 inch aerial. If you have to buy one, you might as well buy option (a).

peter148, May 27, 5:06am
Another thing to consider is whether you want your office printer to handle faxes or not.If you do, it can be tricky to set up.We carried on using the fax machine that came with the phone.

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