My printer keeps jaming with the paper in it.

jubre, May 11, 4:46am
We have a lexmark E232. It is about 6 years old.
Our paper keeps jaming up in it. We pull it apart, remove the jammed paper, put it together again,it will print a few more pages then jam again.

We are not sure if it will be worth taking to a repair shop or just throw it out and buy a new one.There is a $60 fee just to take the top off it, so not sure if it would be repairable.

Any ideas here guys.....

badcam, May 11, 4:48am
Have you tried printing without any paper?

tmenz, May 11, 5:19am
Have you tried fresh new paper? Paper gets damp in this weather and doesn't feed properly.
Have a good look right through the paper path with a torch - especially looking for a scrap of torn paper from the initial jam - any tiny piece will cause recurrences.
Maybe time for a new printer - the latest ones will be better than a 6 year old one and they're dirt cheap!

mrfxit, May 11, 5:38am
Could also be a guide thats bent somewhere along the paper pathway & only catching randomly

neich, May 11, 5:47am
make sure there isnt a tiny piece of paper in the works... as have had the same trouble, and the experts fixed it for me.. a tiny wee piece was choking up the printer.. here is me saying, no paper got stuck, must have done, and I am the only one in the house at all times! Also do as someone says clean fresh ream paper... put it in straight and see if the trouble goes. I have an expensive Laser printer, what is worse still the cost of the replacement cartridges...

mrfxit, May 11, 7:23am
Ummmmm ........ LOL

jubre, May 16, 9:28pm
Just wanted to get back to all of you who offered good sugestions to me.

I asked someone that ownes a computer repair shop, who I know, and he told me that he has seen his staff pull them to bits and roughen up the rollers with sandpaper. He said the rollers are like car tyres and become smooth. My clever hubby pulled it to bits and did this and it has worked.
So just wanted to give you all this info....

drcspy, May 16, 9:32pm
seriously you'd be stupid to consider repairing a 6 year old printer especially when theres a $60 fee just to look at'd have to be insane.ANY new printer would print better quality AND come with a built in scanner most likely AND cost maybe $80-100...........

drcspy, May 16, 9:33pm
well done...........but hey in future DON'T even THINK of getting such a machine repaired it's jsut economically silly

badcam, May 16, 9:51pm
Especially considering a Laser printer (yes, it's B&W) is only around $100.

malachiman, May 16, 10:36pm
Was about to suggest this when I read your post. I have done this a few times and it works well.

But seriously for a printer to get to this stage you might as well replace it.

lythande1, May 16, 11:05pm
Lexmark - bleh.

zak1998, May 16, 11:16pm
Bin it luckly to get 6 years

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