Why does my printer my say

priestley1, May 15, 10:31pm
it is installed incorrectly when is is the same as always and as a result I can't print anything. Any helpful ideas really appreciated. Thanks.

hakatere1, May 15, 10:42pm
Tried a different usb port?

priestley1, May 15, 10:59pm
I just tried that, but no luck. very frustrating. when I got it back from it being refilled it has been doing this.

priestley1, May 16, 8:55am
anybody else?

drcspy, May 16, 9:03am
have you recently installed it ?
is this a printer which has previously been installed on that computer ?

r.g.nixon, May 16, 9:05am
Connect the cable & turn the printer on.

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