IPod advice Pls

Hi all, Pls help someone who has no idea what to look for here, I have bought a few MP3 players over the years, just cheapie ones that have been really tinny and dont last very long. I want to buy a proper IPod (or similar) but there seem to be so many to choose from. What is a good one, what advantages do each have over the others & what should I expect to pay for one pls?
Thanks heaps

geek_c_h_l, May 16, 11:18 pm

Read the wikipedia article on iPods.There are too many different types to say which one suits you without knowing what features you want.

In simple terms:
- lots of storage -> Classic or Touch
- small and portable, good for exercising -> shuffle or nano
- extra features like web browsing and games -> Touch

geek_dunedin_ree, May 16, 11:21 pm

Be awear, Classics have a harddrive, where as all the other iPods have Flash memory, so if you drop a Classic, or get it wet, it's screwed. Where as if you splash a Nano, (Well, the older ones before the small square ones) nothing happens. Not to sure about the Touch though. A few people use them at work (Dairy farming) and they seem to have actually held up so far.

geek_jana.f.hayes, May 17, 9:18 am

Getting any iPod wet is a bad idea (nothing to do with how it stores data)

The hard disk based Classic is less durable to shocks than other iPods but is the only type that can store a moderate/large music collection

geek_vtecintegra, May 17, 1:04 pm

It all depends on the capacity you want. I have a 160GB Classic with 57 full length movies, 5 talking books and 13,000 odd songs and still have space left; but as they say, it is a hard-drive and prone to the same problems as a PC hard-drive, you look after it the same way. In saying that though, I have never had any problems with mine at all.

geek_sapper1, May 17, 1:59 pm