Printer toner WRONG sort??

domaine, May 17, 1:40am
i have a hp laserjet and changed my toner useing some Konica toner
all smudgy and leaking toner

r.g.nixon, May 17, 1:52am
as you would expect.

domaine, May 17, 1:53am
can you tell me why then please?isnt toner toner?

r.g.nixon, May 17, 2:01am
It will have different temperature and/or electrostatic related properties.

wombatunder, May 17, 4:12am
Ooops! messy mistake!

drcspy, May 17, 4:19am
yeh to the same extent that petrol and diesel are motive is designed for a certain type of vehicle the other is designed for a different vehicle..

chito, May 17, 5:37am
The Hp toner has developer included, the konica toner doesn't. It needs the magnetic bits to work.

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