Hp printer help

janette10, May 19, 6:54am
Just got new printer wireless , all setup but can't get wireless going , asks for passphrase I've tried but keeps saying no!! , also aligningbthe cartridges , it days paper skewed ;( , help please :)

sakofan, May 19, 7:08am
If you can't remember your wireless LAN password, you may need to reset it at the router, but this would mean resetting it for the computers too.
Make sure first though that you haven't got caps lock on!

Aligning the cartridges is a standard part of setup - when you installed the printer's software, there will be a program to do this, or you could go into your printer settings in Windows and right click the Printer, go into the properties and then your printing preferences. There should be something around there for maintenance which is where you'll probably find the alignment routine.

As for the paper, remove it, fan it, re-insert in the trey

janette10, May 19, 7:12am
Thanks for your help:), I tried our wireless password and it hasnt worked ;(

janette10, May 19, 7:13am
Also I've got a Mac , if that helps

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