Told to access Adult Site by Warez ???

Told to access Adult Site by Warez ??? Found some good cracked software & apps from Warez but to get them you need to sign up via any adult site, to guarantee anonymous downloads. The fee is USD$2.87 You know the old saying about if something sounds too good to be true then it probably is....

geek_ponyboy, Jun 5, 12:47 pm

PAY for WAREZ? lol

geek_chapadao, Jun 5, 1:29 pm

If people charge for something, its gurantee'd you can find the free version on the internet

geek_pickle-gherkin, Jun 5, 1:33 pm

Wot said &0;

geek_illusion_, Jun 5, 8:58 pm

Im with NEVER pay for warez

geek_baker-assoc, Jun 5, 9:42 pm

Stick to ya ponyboy! giddeeup whooback giddeeup whooback...

geek_babcorp, Jun 5, 9:45 pm

Warez sites are just one big joke and same with alot of the crack sites nowdays. You get search results for what you are looking for there, and then it redirects you to all sorts of pages, and in the end you just get lost! with alot of porn popups lol

geek_nzoomed, Jun 5, 9:49 pm

RE:2 Best post ever.

geek_hamtheman88, Jun 5, 9:52 pm

Freebies Try for genuine items that dont include porn.

geek_sanders4, Jun 5, 9:54 pm

since i've been using freeware i haven't seen any warez/crack sites :p

geek_0800xford, Jun 5, 9:56 pm