Anyone using PDQ broadband from TelstraClear?

Anyone using PDQ broadband from TelstraClear? Thinking about getting it (the cheapest Version) & just wondered if it is a lot faster than dial-up & are you happy with it?

geek_grannymum, Jun 5, 2:54 am

speaking for myself ONLY i found that company appallingly difficult to deal with and just not worth it at all. with slingshot now and happy as =)

geek_0800xford, Jun 5, 3:15 am

I am the speeds are fine, but I wouldn't go with the cheapest plan I would go with the next one up (turbo I think it is called) for only a few dollars more per month and what 0800xford said is correct, but I don't have to call them much so don't find it a biggie when I do have to call.

geek_therafter1, Jun 5, 3:26 am

Yeah me to been with them a year and happy about it I am on the cheapest plan and its fast enuff for me called them a couple of times long waits but problem always fixed. I say go for it.

geek_dukeofearl, Jun 5, 3:33 am

i only called them a couple of times [roadworks up this end of town killed some stuff]...

geek_0800xford, Jun 5, 3:35 am

I thinkthat they're actually quite good. The speeds arn't that impressive as we're in a rural town. But to be honest they are a little bit confusing when dealing with them, but not much.

geek_mcdonald71, Jun 5, 4:08 am

Ive been with them for 6 years Their speeds vary greatly, at times its very fast, at others it could just just slightly faster than dial up. I have called their help desk about 10 times before, and i've always waited for between 40mins and 2 hours. I personally find them appalling and am hoping to change soon, withing the next 2 months. Personally, i think XNET would be much better and that is who i would change to.

geek_dogomania, Jun 5, 5:17 am

Thankyou Thanks very much for your input - will think about it a bit longer lol!

geek_grannymum, Jun 5, 10:34 pm

I have had PDQ for about 8 months and we recently installed Xtra's broadband at a different location.
PDQ offers 1gb for $24.95 but Xtra only gives you 200mb for the same price. 1gb is enough for me ( mostly emails and very little downloading) but 200 is no where enough and the next option of 3gb for $30+ is over kill.

geek_tigra, Jun 5, 10:46 pm

Tigra thanks for that. Are you happy with the speed of PDQ?

geek_grannymum, Jun 6, 7:41 am

Im with them, on the pdq 10 gig plan felt ripped after they told me I could buy in either 1 gig or 10 gig amounts, then after I got the plan found once over 10GB, you have to buy another 10gb, even if its only 1 day till the next months 10 gig rolls over. Keep meaning to ditch them. Gots to get off my backside and change.

geek_doomy999, Jun 6, 7:46 am

Been with them 5 years found them great as I deal with alot of other ISP in my job.
I found there help service great,
they will take your number and callback if theres a a long wait.

geek_pcfix4u, Jun 6, 7:56 am

.Ive been with them one month but am on cable internet. Its very fast but hold hell customer service for tech problems has been 40 mins + the 2 times I called. Really poor as everything else is great :D

geek_jon9, Jun 6, 8:02 am

Re # 10 gp you always want it faster but I'm relatively happy with the speed. Not as good as overseas BB I'm told but hopefully it will get better

geek_tigra, Jun 6, 8:32 am

Thanks for your input everyone, much appreciated

geek_grannymum, Jun 7, 5:55 am

We are rural & on PDQ TUrbo no problems at all & on the 1GB plan, only been over the 1GB once in 18 months, d/l speeds vary with time of day & never very fast when school holidays are on but overall have been very pleased.

geek_ponyboy, Jun 7, 10:38 am

Have PDQ and have had no problems. Re; the call center service, from what I can ascertain, talking to other people with other ISP'S, the long waits seem to be par for the course. Still, PDQ is damned site better than dial up.Good luck.

geek_rissla, Jun 7, 10:46 pm

Yep! I've put family on it and even a few friends! Two calls took a while but since getting it they've had no probs whatsoever! I say go for it too.

geek_lifesteala, Jun 7, 10:52 pm