Whats up with my printer

tanya78, May 23, 10:45pm
it was giving me a error message for my ink, so i bought a new one put it in today but its doing the same still, but its brand new ink so whats up with the printer??? old and time for a new one? its a HP 1210 cna't be the ink as thats brand new

drcspy, May 23, 10:48pm
google the error message ?

tanya78, May 23, 10:58pm
it says to buy more ink but ive just done that and im not going to keep buying more if non is going to work

drcspy, May 23, 10:59pm
what's the EXACT error message ?

and have you tried reinstalling the ink.......turning the printer off/on etc ?

tanya78, May 23, 11:06pm
it says the following
there is a problem with the tri - colour print cartridge to solve the problem
1. remove the print cartride
2. re insert the print cartridge
if the problem persists replace the tri colour print cartridge

drcspy, May 23, 11:09pm

tanya78, May 23, 11:13pm
okay found a link in google and its going now
thank you for taking the time to help drcspy

tanya78, May 23, 11:18pm
it was that same link hehe

drcspy, May 23, 11:19pm
see it pays to google......

tanya78, May 23, 11:21pm
it does thank you i will remember that for next time....i was a bit worried it was printer its quite old now well um probably 8 years at least

drcspy, May 23, 11:21pm

drcspy, May 23, 11:22pm
theres a hint for you .......print it out and stick it on the wall by the pc.....

tanya78, May 23, 11:50pm
heheh thanks

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