Fixing an IP address on a network printer

jhan, May 23, 10:54pm
I have an old kyocera FS1010 and its so annoying when for some unknown reason, the ip address changes and I have to go around the network and change the settings so that we can print.
There must be a better fix but I can't get into the printer's settings without kyocera's special program it seems.
If you'd ever seen my husband's face when he yells, 'the printer's broken again' you'd want to get a more permanent solution too.
At that stage I access the modem and look up the address the printer is using. Other than this problem, the printer works brilliantly.

drcspy, May 23, 11:04pm
do you have it set to a fixed ip ?

cybertao, May 23, 11:07pm
What's giving it network connectivity?I just downloaded the manual and it only mentions parallel, usb, and serial interfaces.

jhan, May 23, 11:14pm
I think this is what I need to do but not sure how.

drcspy, May 23, 11:18pm

goto the documentation tab and find your manual

jhan, May 23, 11:19pm
It's got a network slot and I have it on a standard TCP/IP port, I think its called a FS1010media or KX, I think both drivers work for it.

dunedin_ree, May 23, 11:59pm
Give it an assigned IP address in your *router*.

little_egypt, May 24, 12:00am
Log into your router's admin page. Look at the current DHCP leases and identify the printer. It will show the current IP and the printer's "MAC address" which will look similar to "00:19:5B:20:77:CB" .. copy the mac address.

Somewhere on the same page will be an option for static or fixed leases. Paste the printer's MAC address in one of the "MAC address" fields and the IP address you want the printer to always be assigned in the matching IP address field. Save and reboot the router. From then on every time your printer starts up, the router will recognise that it's the printer and always give it the same IP address.

jhan, May 24, 8:08am
Thank you, its brilliant.

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