Group calling via Skype using 3G

red38, May 24, 10:20am
I have conflicting advice on whether I will be able to view (see/hear) my brothers wedding this weekend in the UK via Skype. He will be using a dongle as there is no internet access- is this likely to work?
I am far from technical so if I am asking something that it impossible to answer please be nice.I would be grateful for any help.advice. Thanks.

dunedin_ree, May 24, 10:40am
"A dongle"?

swivel, May 24, 11:01am
Should work, as skype works on dialup, so hear yes, see ?? depends on the connection speed.

red38, May 24, 11:21am
Thanks for replying.

badcam, May 24, 7:49pm
Test it beforehand. MAKE SURE!

footplate1, May 24, 9:40pm
Echo Badcam's comments.Sometimes the bandwidth limitation makes skype video painful to watch.I am sure the wedding party doesn't want to hear your expletives as they say their vows!!LOL

I often turn video off when calling home from foreign bits.Not your preferred option, I appreciate.

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