Acer travelmate laptop.....K key...sti

morab, May 24, 7:29pm
cky....can someone tell me if the K key cap comes of so it can be cleaned if something is under stopping the cap from depressing...cheers

little_egypt, May 24, 7:44pm
They're a bit fiddly but yes you can take the caps off .. on most keyboards lift one corner of the key so you can see the little 'scissor' underneath, then press the top edge of that with a small screwdriver to release the keycap. To put the keycap back on just line it up in place and press firmly.

usually I just turn the laptop upside down and give it a good shake.

morab, May 24, 7:49pm
thanks for that.i did try the shake bit but no joy.ta

gibler, May 24, 8:45pm
it is usually nail clippings...

little_egypt, May 24, 8:57pm
Mine are usually cookie crumbs. Who cuts their nails at the computer?

gibler, May 24, 9:01pm
You would be surprised.

kitkat66, May 24, 9:13pm
It's where all the left footed socks go.

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