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hunter7082, May 25, 1:22am
We have a desktop, my partners going to be working away and wants a laptop, so what do we look for, It will just be general usage facebook/emails/banking and Skype, maybe watching the odd dvd....Any advice would be great Ive never owned one and dont know alot about them...TIA

vtecintegra, May 25, 1:35am
Just decide what your priorities are and go from there.Speed, battery life, portability, cost - you can't have it all unfortunately.

You certainly don't need anything very fast for that usage, but there is still plenty of choice with regard to screen sizes etc

leigh66, May 25, 1:54am
If you are going to Skype, ensure it has a built in web cam

disappearerer, May 25, 4:35am
Upgrade the processor upon ordering, or you may regret it for years to come.

drcspy, May 25, 4:52am

got one of these at easter (it was cheaper than that only $919 on special) very pleased with it.Personally I previously bought Asus and would have this time but didn't find one that I liked as much.........
14" screen
640Gb hdd (plenty storage)
4gb ram
Intel I5 cpu (plenty fast enough for what you want to do)
good deal.....

hunter7082, May 25, 9:25am
please excuse my ignorance but 2 questions...what do the GHZ mean? and is satellite just the brand?? thanks alot

drcspy, May 25, 9:31am
toshiba is the brand in this case and satellite is the model

GHZ is the speed of the processor (the brain).....and it's SOME indicator of performance.......

hunter7082, May 25, 9:34am
oh ok so the more GHz the faster they are in theroy??

drcspy, May 25, 9:37am
um.........yep but that's not all there is to it and 'fast' wont mean anything with regard to the internet pages loading speed etc
that's a different issue and mroe related to the type of connection you have (broadband/dialup/whatever)...-

processors come in 'speeds' and 'types/makes'..........
and it's both factors which make a system fast or not.....

for what you've said your partner will need to do "general usage facebook/emails/banking and Skype, maybe watching the odd dvd" pretty much any modern laptop/netbook will do that (so long as it's got a built in camera for skype and many/most do)......

drcspy, May 25, 9:39am
ah watchin dvd's .......need an optical drive (dvd drive) and netbooks DON'T have these .............notebooks (laptops) DO ...............check when you buy

hunter7082, May 25, 9:39am

this is the one I found in the DSE catalogue I was just comparing it to the one you posted Is it any different really??

drcspy, May 25, 9:43am
yes mine has a 14" screen that one has a 15.6" screen there'll be a consequent weight difference and it'll be thus heavier to carry round......also

'your' one has an i3 processor and mine has and i5 (superior)

drcspy, May 25, 9:44am
oh and 'your ' one has a numerical keypad on the right hand side - personally I find this superfluous but maybe yr partner might find it useful........I dunno..........

hunter7082, May 25, 9:45am
LOL im sorry but whats the processor do??

hunter7082, May 25, 9:46am
he is very much a learner when it comes to bad but he's worse

drcspy, May 25, 9:47am
the processor is the BRAIN of the does EVERYthing pretty much

drcspy, May 25, 9:48am
I note also in teh specifications yours does not mention HDMI out ...........mine has an HDMI port which means I can plug a HDMI cable into it and play the laptop screen/movies whatever on a bigscreen tv.......your one may have that but it didn't say.......

hunter7082, May 25, 9:53am
Ok thanks alot for all the info I was hoping to find one here....

the same but no luck, I wanted the flybuys!

shelleigh, May 26, 12:11am
Hunter I just bought a Toshiba Satellite L750/O4K at Noel Leeming on Monday - it was $1279 down from $1599. I love it!!
My previous computer was a Packard Bell desktop I'd had for over 7 years so a "dinasour" now lol
We mostly use a computer for emails, FB, games, internet banking, etc.

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