Advice about mackeeper.zeobit

Has anyone used this to clean up their mac, is there an alternative and is it legit?

geek_sarahjp22, May 25, 4:09 pm

I have not used it, but two free alternatives are;

OnyXa free "tuner" and Monolingual removes unwanted languages, but requires some care in use, and of course, will need to be rerun after Apple updates.

geek_martinhb, May 25, 4:16 pm

+1 for Onyx. cowboy apple tech approved!

geek_gibler, May 25, 4:30 pm

I've used one called CleanMyMac for about a year now (for things like junk files) and so far, so good.

geek_frogslegs, May 25, 8:56 pm