Printer repairer needed - albany, north shore

cantab1971, May 26, 12:37am
can anyone recommend a repairer for our HP inkjet printer, it won't feed paper properly (its a reasonably good one, otherwise we wouldn't bother- i think it worth repairing).Cheers

pyro_sniper2002, May 26, 12:51am
You can't buy parts for them, if its worth less than $400 i honestly wouldn't bother.

drcspy, May 26, 1:05am
how old is it and how much did you pay for it ?.........if it's gonna cost you more than about $50 to repair it you're better off buying a new $80 printer aren't you ?

namtak, May 26, 10:16am
Not just dust or dirt on the rollers is it? If so a damp cloth will help.

lythande1, May 27, 7:47am
HP have a list of their repair agents but seriously it will cost a fortune.

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