Power Pack for acer aspire one mini laptop

gillywilly2, May 26, 12:43am
Got home last night and the power pack lead to the computer has been snapped I would assume by my dog.Can you get it repaired.It is a clean cut if so who would do this or is there a site where I can buy a new one.Thanks

jdncomz, May 26, 12:44am
Whats the Laptop Model?

gillywilly2, May 26, 12:48am
I assume this is correct it says KAV60 DCrating 19v ...1.58A thanks

gillywilly2, May 26, 12:56am
just looked at the adaptor and it has model ACP-30JH B if this helps

drcspy, May 26, 1:02am
pocket knife and a bit of insulation tape...............

r.g.nixon, May 26, 1:03am

johnf_456, May 26, 1:04am
Do you mean the cord from wall to transformer or the cord from transformer to laptop. If its the wall one just get a new cord which is easy enough to get from most pc shops or even right here on trademe and cheaper than a whole new power pack.

gillywilly2, May 26, 1:04am
Hi drcspy if I do this are the wires different colours wouldnt want to connect up incorrectly its my husbands and he's been away due home tonight 8(

gillywilly2, May 26, 1:10am
Hi johnf its the one from the laptop to the transformer.

gillywilly2, May 26, 1:11am
thanks r.g. nixon I will purchase a new one.

johnf_456, May 26, 1:11am
If you are electrically savy its not hard at all with a soldering iron and some heat shrink tubing. But if you are not comfortable with doing so get a new power pack.

drcspy, May 26, 1:12am
errr..................a lead is cut........say it's gt a green wire a red wire and a blue wire..........i'd suggest you join the green to the green, the red to the red, and the blue to the blue ?.........what else makes sense ?

drcspy, May 26, 1:14am
used to do this kinda stuff 40 years ago when I was a kid ...........anything broke it was always me who got to fix it.........

drcspy, May 26, 1:16am
probably quite illegal back then what I did (toasters,kettles, you name it got fixed) as it was 240v wiring I wsa playing with...........anyway if your wire is broken between the transformer and the laptop that will be perfectly legal for you to repair as it's NOT 240vAC it's most likely only 19vDC (at most)

gillywilly2, May 26, 1:37am
Hi thanks for your help I have an electrician in the front shop where I work who are going to look at it and see if they can safely repair it otherwise I will buy a new one.

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