Oh no printer problems please help

skinner2, May 26, 1:12am
Hi, i've just replaced my ink cartridges with new (compatiable) inks.My black won't work anymore.I have epson RX590.Had it 2-3 years.. has this machine died.. tried all think, cleaning gold heads, nozzle checks, countless head cleaning to no avail.Help TIA

budgel, May 27, 1:32am
Have you tried turning it off and rebooting the printer?

rushka, May 27, 3:43am
Check the printer lead hasn't come loose at either end (happended to the teen at home this morning !!!)

rushka, May 27, 3:47am
Did you remember to pull off the tab on the ink cartridge (happened to my teen last month). Gave him a cartridge to replace in printer, and a month later he complains its empty, so I gave him another but happened to watch him replace it this time.Yep, sure enuff, he hadn't taken the tab off first.

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