Email Client for Windows 7 -64bit with Xtra ??

When one wants to click onto an email link - contact within a web page opened on IE9, this message comes up - "Could not perform the operation because the default mail client is not properly installed". Now have searched high and low trying to locate where one can sort this out but so far no Joy ~!!!!!!

Does anyone know what or how one can sort this out.

Cheers and Thank you.

geek_valentino, May 27, 4:08 pm

What program have you used for your email in the past?

geek_gsimpson, May 27, 4:13 pm

what email program do you have currently installed ?

geek_drcspy, May 27, 4:26 pm

In the past used Incredimail but that was on the ole Computer (Os was XP) which is now long gone, even then never used Incredimail much especially for the last year or so.

Currently with xtra as have always been but this is the first time one has come up with that message especially now being on a new computer but extra has always been my main ISP - email address and incredimail on the old computer was set up to receive emails or be used as the main mail client but now longer have this or actually don't wish to have it but if it is required mainly to overcome this then so-be-it, HMMMMM ' aghast at this thought.


geek_valentino, May 27, 4:54 pm

I repeat

geek_drcspy, May 27, 4:59 pm

As noted above, with xtra which is in conjunction to yahoo.

There are new things now showing like "Office One Note"

On the old computer one did have a choice though between Incredimail and Windows "Outlook" but that option does not now show up.


geek_valentino, May 27, 5:27 pm

Get an account with gmail. Get it to grab your xtra email. Then read it online or with Thunderbird (free from Mozilla).

geek_r.g.nixon, May 27, 5:51 pm

You'Re not getting email client is the PROGRAM you have on your computer which you use to get and send emails.

WHAT do you have ?

geek_drcspy, May 27, 6:12 pm

Okay, now sorted, so for general info, need to have Windows live 2011 version downloaded then to configure settings provided by ISP (xtra).

All working and it actually looks great and very quick and also saved important emails as well, so a double banger.

Cheers all.

geek_valentino, May 27, 6:41 pm

yes exactly

geek_drcspy, May 27, 6:45 pm