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johnf_456, May 27, 8:01am
Over the past year or so and more often in the past month, IT scams are doing the rounds. If anyone rings or claims to be Microsoft, or they say you have a problem with your computer then it is a scam.

So if everyone could keep this thread bumped then hopefully everyone can see it, mention it to friends workmates etc and try keep it to this thread and bump it as often as you can daily. That way it is also contained in one thread.

waipawa, May 27, 9:44am
Won't work I'm afraid. I guarantee that half the people that post these repetitive repetitive repetitive threads have no idea what "cold calling" means. Maybe if it was labelled "Indian guy from Microsoft" or "Phone call says computer has a problem" we might be able to trim the number of threads posted about it to just 3 or 4 a day.

johnf_456, May 27, 9:48am
Its worth a shot

richard112, May 28, 12:48am
Trying to be helpful. Bumping will only happen for a comparatively short time. You can bet that with all the best intentions, within a week, the post will have slipped to page 2 or beyond. Also causes the same clutter as if people were continually making the same inquiry, which is what seems to be getting people uptight. Also involves a lot of people remembering to bump.
Suggestion:- How about as many regulars who can be bothered copy & paste Johnf's message, or any suitable message & hold it handy. When inevitably another bewildered innocent wanders in with "Is this a torgan", first on the scene goes Ctrl>C.........Ctrl>V. Job done. Poster is happy & goes away, & all before anyone could say wtf.
Just an idea.

_sms_, May 28, 1:58am

pip4, May 28, 6:45am
Good on you ...going to take quite a bit for you to kep this bumped, but all the best!

pip4, May 28, 6:50am
Well here is a good opportunity to educate them.
It may surprise you but not everyone sits at the computer 24/7 reading the MB it is quite easy to miss a thread.
So you guys keep this thread bumped, it may just help someone and relieve you of a bit of angst ...though I do wonder why you read a thread when it says clearly what it is about and it is something you get sick of reading..but each to their own...

johnf_456, May 28, 6:52am
Well people need to be aware, pays to be safe than sorry

pip4, May 28, 6:58am
Thats exactly what i say... you keep it bumped...

dunedin_ree, May 28, 11:58am
Up we go.

mr-word, May 28, 12:16pm
Time for us to a put a sticky on the message board.

johnf_456, May 28, 12:16pm
I reckon

peter148, May 28, 12:19pm
Does IT stand for Indian Telephony?
I don't know, just asking.

johnf_456, May 28, 12:19pm
Windup ^

waipawa, May 28, 12:30pm
This is "Community Moderation" in action. Given that Trademe have abdicated their responsibility to moderate this board themselves, it is left to the community to do what moderation we can within what limited powers we have.
All well-run forums are moderated to keep out the spam and the trolls, and avoid the clutter of self-promotional threads and repetitive threads shoving the good stuff out. One of the ways to do this is via "sticky" threads addressing issues commonly raised on the forum, and which are always at the top of the list of thread titles.

It's not angst, dude, it's called working to keep the TM messageboard useable, doing our part as the de facto moderators of this forum.

pip4, May 28, 8:36pm
Whatever ...
So before anyone posts on here they have to check every thread that has ever been placed on here??
Just dont read the subject lines that bother you! :-)

johnf_456, May 28, 10:13pm
Yes its called being polite, why have multiple topics on the same issue when it could be kept to one and be more enjoyable? If you don't like it go away.

ctnz, May 28, 10:17pm
unfortunately scammer's who are successful rely on their "marks" being people who don't use computer forums

pip4, May 28, 10:37pm
You were the one originally complaining about a post made about scammers...
And I dont *go away* LOL

mattnzw, May 29, 3:06am
Anyone know a trademe staff member that can make this a sticky.

drcspy, May 29, 3:18am
or bother to listen to the tv or read the papers ? (all this has been well covered in those media)

rohb, May 29, 3:42am
What we need is TRADEME Volunteer Moderators that can delete Thread BAN people and assiogn Sticky Thread........etc....

richard112, May 29, 4:01am
Sounds a bit like Adolf's brown shirts. IF, and I'm really using my imagination here, TM decided to assign a sticky for this subject, should we then have another for "What's the best free antivirus" "My desktop is small, big, sideways. How do I get it back?" "My laptop is overheating" "My computer is slow" "Everything Linux is really really choice" & all the other repetitive threads that pop up. Can't see that this particular issue is such a big deal, except some have chosen to make it so, and 'My God, it's going to stay that way'.

richard112, May 29, 4:05am
I forgot about "Which is the best ISP provider in New Zealand."

drcspy, May 29, 4:07am
i'll volunteer ROFLMFAO

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