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rohb, May 29, 5:00am
Mee too First thing I do I will BAN Richard !!!ROLF

richard112, May 29, 5:53am

mr-word, May 29, 6:28am
Can any of you guys go to the nethui and bring up the indian scammers issue?

hunter7082, May 29, 6:40am
Theywould ring here 4 times a week, I give the phone to miss 3 for a natter now lol

ctnz, May 29, 7:39am
makes you wonder why they have a computer at all

mattnzw, May 30, 5:02am
Or trademe could even pay people to do it, since it is a commercial website and all.

drcspy, May 30, 10:48pm
trouble is I'd have to ban myself on a regular basis...........

mrfxit, May 30, 10:55pm
LOL thats already been done for YOU ... ;-)

drcspy, May 30, 10:57pm
yeh ...........

rod525, May 31, 7:50pm
Have an unlisted number, NEVER get those calls.

ezra2000, May 31, 7:52pm
you can use

waipawa, May 31, 8:29pm
That is no defence against autodiallers though unfortunately.

johnf_456, May 31, 10:16pm
Really, you do realize they use an automatic dialer some of them. So unlisted will not make one ota difference like some of them calling my friends cell phone.

johnf_456, May 31, 10:17pm
Yup which is what most use, hence you will sometimes hear a "hello" followed by "goodbye", then they hang up. This is the automatic dialer testing the line.

rod525, Jun 1, 12:25am
Well we have lived at our current address for four years and have never had autodiallers/cold callers ever with our unlisted number.

johnf_456, Jun 1, 7:08am
Yup and bump

neil51, Jun 1, 7:34am
On Fair Go now, TV1

johnf_456, Jun 1, 7:58am
Just watched nothing I didn't know but hopefully some in here did watch it.

waipawa, Jun 1, 10:35pm
What about "silent calls" where the phone rings, you answer, and no-one is on the other end? You say hello a couple of times then hang up. I get a 2 or 3 of these every week. But I STILL haven't received a single "problem with your PC" scam call. I'm feeling left out!

johnf_456, Jun 1, 10:47pm
Be patient they will call

rod525, Jun 2, 12:24am
Nup, never had that either.

pcmaster, Jun 2, 12:28am
so they can play solitaire, what else would they use it for?

galex, Jun 2, 8:01pm

velenski, Jun 3, 12:08am
they said i had an infection... i said i have cream for it and hung up :)

little_egypt, Jun 3, 7:23am
what a fun guy... ;-)

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