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babcorp, Jun 3, 7:45am
Got an email supposedly from IRD today saying I had a $1487 refund owing to me. *sigh* If only it was true.

johnf_456, Jun 3, 8:00am
If only people out smarted them, if people didn't get sucked in there would be no scams.

chessman, Jun 3, 11:05am
my girlfriends number is very similar to mine, only about another 4000 numbers up from mine if you go in order.I had the scammers call last night so I can only assume she will get a call very shortly when they work their way up.

swivel, Jun 4, 12:02pm

bandbook, Jun 4, 2:16pm
I had an indian girl phone me about a week ago claiming to be with Microsoft. I talked to her for about 20 minutes pretending I knew nothing of computers and having her explain every step in details.

I got bored after a while so told her I was an IT technician.
Amazing how fast the phone went dead.

johnf_456, Jun 4, 10:02pm
Up you go bump

little_egypt, Jun 4, 10:07pm
Got several 'goodbye' calls yesterday.. I'm expecting another IT scam call real soon. I'd better check that my VM and call recording setup is still ready for them.

johnf_456, Jun 4, 10:11pm
Awesome they are close little egypt, make sure its ready!

sneps, Jun 4, 10:16pm
My caller id said the number was something like +64501, so i thought yep they will call again and they did, he started the blurb and i said i have a 3 week old laptop, he said i must have the wrong info, i said yep you have and hung up. I wasnt fast enough to think of a better reply.

iamkat, Jun 6, 7:14am
I just had one phone a few minutes ago - I just said you are wasting your time we have a mac - she hung up onme - what a bitch - how rude LOL LMAO!

martinhb, Jun 6, 9:11am
They phoned again tonight and offered to repair for $165. (Holiday discount?).

Total time wasted: 18 minutes.

drcspy, Jun 6, 4:01pm
next time get their little theiving hearts beating a bit harder by saying "Well I'm not sure that what you are offering is goin to be good enough and I would like to purchase your premium package" bait thebastards rofl.......make em drool at the thought of charging you $300 for their non existant service........

drcspy, Jun 6, 4:02pm
and then drop em hard.........tell them you are a police officer and that your telephone line has permanent call recording and tracing hardware installed on it and see how fast they hang up

martinhb, Jun 6, 7:46pm
We had some fun , I used the old Win98 box, had not been turned on for some time, took ages to boot. He said my HDD was stuffed and I needed more RAM (it already has 512Mb) . When it had booted, he asked me to go to a website (PC not on network) I said, oh, I'm on dial up .. So the conversation turned to "get a cellphone" , I said "I can't my credit card is maxed out" .. that is when he said "not even $165 to fix your computer?" :)

The best call so far, and one I could have done at the Mac since he didn't do the "event check" first, just straight to the website.

plumbernick, Jun 7, 3:51am
bumping for those that cannot scroll down

galex, Jun 8, 1:11am
Bee ump

little_egypt, Jun 8, 1:20am

johnf_456, Jun 8, 4:16am
Had your call yet little_egypt?

banty, Jun 8, 4:22am
They've been calling constantly for the lastfew days I've hung up on them a few times as it was obvoudly them becasue of the lag. Caller ID says 501. Finally answered again this afternoon and told them to piss off!!!! Bastards!

johnf_456, Jun 8, 4:23am
I wish someone would transfer them to me, I want to play some more with them.

little_egypt, Jun 8, 5:19am
Still waiting. I'm out a hell of a lot at the moment but I'm not even seeing that many missed calls on the caller id. They just don't call me any more.

galex, Jun 8, 12:44pm
was on FairGo again tonite. Worth the watch, they have a few calls recorded :-)

i-n-horz, Jun 8, 9:23pm
Budda bing-budda boom

johnf_456, Jun 8, 10:31pm
Thanks I missed it last night

bjx2, Jun 9, 6:57am

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