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marlin9, Jun 9, 7:05am
Just had the computer maintenance person from microsoft ring me, he said he was based in Papakura Auckland, when asked for website he said he and then asked him to give it to me - he hung up -- OH SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this would make about 10th time we have had this call.

galex, Jun 10, 2:44am

gsimpson, Jun 10, 11:43am
Had the call but unfortunately I couldn't understand a word. He waffled on for 5min with me not having a clue what he was on about. "hang on I'll try the other phone" "OK, what was that?" He started his spiel again so I laid the phone down. 20min later I checked the phone and he had hung up.

electromic, Jun 11, 12:58pm
Bump.... have been called three times in one week! They called a business phone during business hours so I asked for a name and address to send an account to at an hourly rate of $250 per hour. I am a consultant after all. They did not like it much.

peter148, Jun 11, 2:40pm
I got called 3 times in the last week.The first call caught me by surprise and I was lost for words for a second and when they asked for be by name I told them I was Mr Dickshit.The caller asked me repeat my name 3 times and I did so, but then I gave the show away by bursting out laughing, and the caller hung up on me.I only wasted about 20 seconds.

When they call you hear what sounds like a recoding of a phone ringing, then you hear a lot of call centre people in the background talking, but the caller does not talk to you straight away, because I guess they are bringing your name up on their monitor.I now know just to hang up before they get a chance to say anything.

johnf_456, Jun 11, 9:48pm
Good one petere148, the reason for the lag from you saying hello is the automatic dialer finding a hit then transferring it to an available operator. Has they use a dialer to find and generate numbers that are active which is why it does not matter if your number is listed or non listed.

marlin9, Jun 11, 10:00pm
I hacve had two in three days.First one told me he was calling from Papakura, Auckland,would not give me his website so he hung up.Yesterday he told me his name was dennis foster (like heck - he was too indian sounding) and when i asked for the website he started to give it to me and then said turn your computer on - well i was sitting at it doing work - and then after saying to him " not till i have your website" he hung up - SO RUDE of him.Hahaha

sapper1, Jun 12, 3:19am
There seems to be getting more and more of them; Ihad three calls last week. I just let them chatter on and on then switch off when I am sick of them. Had one last week ringing from a "boiler room", the background noise of other operators ringing other phones was huge. The guy told me the background noise was traffic as he had his window open! Doh!!

sapper1, Jun 12, 11:52pm

drcspy, Jun 13, 12:07am
still waiting for my call :-(

little_egypt, Jun 13, 2:50am
Got one. Didn't last long though, they hung up after about three minutes of waiting for windows to boot. I was expecting them to have a little more patience!

drcspy, Jun 13, 2:53am
time is money !

johnf_456, Jun 13, 3:09am
Bummer they will call again 4 times here

chito, Jun 13, 6:36am
I just kept him on the phone for 20 minutes. I will have to try harder. I repeated after him www. P for Punjabi bastard, O for Overseas arsehole, M for Muslim arsehole, E for elephant fart, I can't remember the rest of the web address, but he said 'goodnight sir' and hung up.

johnf_456, Jun 13, 6:53am
Thumbs up good one mate! Give them hell I say!

skin1235, Jun 15, 7:43am
don't think it is auto dailer, had my first call this evening, and he started in by addressing me by christian and sirname, let him do his spiel and fianlly wandered into the computer room, pulled the modem plug out of the wall, sat down and went through the cold boot etc, had a smoke, finally got him to repeat about 3 times about how to open cmd and run - cos I just couldn't see any 'my computer' anywhere lol, and he gets me to type in and hit enter, asks me what is happening, so tell him nothing yet - it's verys low this computer, while I roll another fag, then tell him it is telling me it cannot find the address and it suggests I should be online to connect to the address, took him nearly 20 minutes to suss I wasn't actually connected - not bad for an IT expert I thought
he then wanted me to restart the computer - and it is very slow, well it is if you go and org a coffee and another fag,, finally he gets me to type in a run box that addy again and push enter
I ask him what is this going to do, he replies so he can look into my computer and tell me where all the errors are
I replied no way am I going to allow anyone remote access to my rig, or the other 5 rigs here, he gets all exited, then I tell him I've been fixing and building computers for the last 10 yrs
he replies ' you are just a f..kin. muthaf...ker and slams the phone down
thought that was quite rude of him, I never swore at him at anytime
37 minutes of my life gone and according to him earlier my computer is riddled with virus's and malaware ( got him to spell that twice and then explain what it was) so now I'll be losing sleep over it until I can find all these virus's and kill them

little_egypt, Jun 17, 4:02am

johnf_456, Jun 17, 4:22am
Good info there ^

leffman, Jun 17, 4:25am
After the guy had done his spiel I told him I didn't have windows but that I had Mac. He said "oh dear" and hung up.

pcfix4u, Jun 17, 4:56am
Good one.

johnf_456, Jun 18, 3:51am
It is a automatic dialer, you do realise its not one group of scammers right?Everyone of them works differently to another. If you have fixed pc s for ten years then you should know this. Some want cc info, others claim to be from microsoft, some claim to be a legit company if you google them.

But good on ya for giving them crap.

skin1235, Jun 18, 4:01am
odd that they would have a christian name to go with such auto diallers, and my christian name does not appear in any phone listing, are you suggesting they can link to electoral rolls perhaps, or accessing govt records, (the only place my christian name appears) seems they must be very determined if they're going that far, and if so why don't they also research the occupations, and not bother calling anyone who works in IT
fail to see how fixing and building computers for 10 yrs can make me aware of how an auto dialler works

skin1235, Jun 18, 4:05am
this is not a go at you john, my limited understanding of auto diallers is that they will generate a number, call it, and if answered transfer to a person at their end, or note the live number for callback
to take that to individual investigations to get names would be assuming a bit much - the scam would have to be extremely lucrative to warrant it and would involve a lot more outgoing 'share' on their end - not something their known for - fast buck in and out

johnf_456, Jun 18, 4:08am
Maybe they are but its not one group everyone different type of scammer works differently. Disgusting filth, the ones i have had are a dialer. Has you get the hello then goodbye. Of them testing the line, when it does that there is no operators avaliable. Then if there is you will find there is a five sec lag ish before they say hello.

So yeah automatic dialers do exist, some nay even buy the infornation in the form of market research companys.

johnf_456, Jun 18, 4:11am
That is how some of them work but your one is not. Also for future reference my name here is johnf_456 not john. Thanks, the three scamers i have had have all been dialers.

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