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little_egypt, Jun 18, 4:12am
There's more than one group. Some will be dialling numbers in sequence with no information about the people they call, but many have obviously obtained lists of names and numbers from various sources and will already know your name when you answer. Most of them will be using autodiallers though; even the ones with a list of names will call all those numbers automatically and only transfer the call to a 'technician' after a real person answers the phone.

johnf_456, Jun 18, 4:19am
As above

johnf_456, Jun 18, 9:38pm
Up you go

galex, Jun 19, 3:44am
goodness gracious me...

drsr, Jun 19, 4:52am
I think they're working off phone directories rather than autodialling, I am unlisted and have never had one of these calls. Also, bump.

rod525, Jun 19, 7:55pm
You love your crusades, aye John.

johnf_456, Jun 19, 8:56pm
Not true some do and some dont, you will get one in time

galex, Jun 20, 7:33am
Vindows Varning, i am to be telling you...

johnf_456, Jun 21, 8:45am
Thanks for that, that is utter sick!

pcmaster, Jun 21, 10:06pm
they run my parents while i was there, apparently the guy got midway thru his opening speil, pissed himself laughing and hung up before mum could get a word in.

r-mvz, Jun 22, 11:00am
Had the call today, Indian Lady... she advised I had a virus on my Windows operating system. I kept her talking for a bit while I finished an email, then told her I had an Apple and didn't use Microsoft.. she hung up

sapper1, Jun 22, 11:03am
I must be their favourite phone number. Got two calls yesterday within 5 minutes of each other; one male one female, both Asian. Took out my hearing aid for the female and kept on telling her I had trouble hearing her, went on for a fair while, in the end she was screaming - no sense of humour, she hung up. The guy I asked where he was ringing from and the phone went silent, then he said 'Washington', I burst out laughing and he hung up as well. Funny people these consultants!

73040, Jun 23, 10:09pm
Lol funny how some people gets amusement from little things..

Is it so hard to just hang up the phone? Or just leave it on hold than abusing them back? So hard to be the better person?

I wonder one day someone is going to get a call from asian dude who actually might be working for govt etc and will be mistaken for scam and will be sorry for abusing them..

johnf_456, Jun 24, 9:25am
The government does not make unprofessional calls like this.

tool_shop173, Jun 24, 9:38am
Thank You, Goodbye.

gdnshack, Jun 24, 11:41am
An elderly neighbour who doesn't have a computer got called twice by these scammers a couple of months ago and she told them she didn't have a computer, but in the last couple of days she has had 3 calls and when she picks up the phone there is a long silence and then she hears an automated woman's voice with an American accent saying "goodbye" and then it clicks off.Would this be the scammers as well?

galex, Jun 24, 10:39pm
If You got 5 or 6 calls a week from these scum like I do I bet you would very quickly loose your place on the higher moral ground.Being told to F*** off by an Indian *criminal* after I dispute their authenticity is also a very good way to prompt me to seek revenge in whatever creative way I can think of next time they call.

johnf_456, Jun 25, 12:19am
Yes it is them, it is there automatic dialer.

chuckie30, Jun 25, 6:49am
For the past few months, I have told everyone I know about this scam.My boss rang me earlier, says they rang him.
They told him their story, viruses etc. Asked him to press the windows button + R.He told them when he did that a window came up on his screen telling him "this is a scam" They were not very polite. lol.

johnf_456, Jun 26, 11:40pm
Good on ya, spread the word.

budgel, Jun 29, 8:20am
I have a friend who seems to have fallen for this, fortunately she doesnt use internet banking.
Even after i told her it was a scam she claimed it was legit and told me of the website '' which presents as a legit computer tech company.

They claim to have an NZ phone number to call. Iwonder if they can be traced by that.

pge, Jun 29, 10:21pm
Not only computers -- now, they are targetting cellphones.


A (female) friend got one similar---BUT, she sent them her email addy.

When I informed her of the realities of the scam, she then sent them about twenty abusive emails -- thereby confirming her addy!!

There are people out there who shouldn't be allowed in front of a keyboard/steering wheel/tuner...........

johnf_456, Jun 29, 11:49pm
Oh dear

icioufa, Jun 30, 8:42am

2nd phone call ,1st we were eating tea about a month ago & i went along for a while yes the PC is in front of me go here here here etc which i did off by heart then she passed me on to their supervisor.
Had a stand up augment with their Leader with a few more chosen choice words added & then he hung up ,
This time i wasn'tfast enough another member of the family answered Just as i picked up & heardthe M$ bit & i Just said FeeK Off .
The rude person on the other end hung up on us PMSL....

johnf_456, Jun 30, 10:29pm
Good work

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