Cold Calling IT Scammers

Because people do think that they were the ones that called first. They clicked 'send' on the error report, then someone 'from microsoft' is calling them back to help with the error.

geek_little_egypt, Aug 29, 12:45 pm

I always ring Telecom if something like that comes up because I'm not that computer savvy. Is just common sense to me.

geek_shelleigh, Aug 29, 2:07 pm

What, you ring telecom every time a progam crashes or stops responding!

They must love you.

geek_little_egypt, Aug 29, 5:13 pm

Hardly. I meant I would never click send on an error report because I don't know where that report would go to so I play it safe and just exit from it.

geek_shelleigh, Aug 29, 6:46 pm

Had one the other day - managed to string it out for 25 minutes - was quite entertaining. Very thick indian accent, could barely understand them. The script was badly written and when questioned they would just repeat it and try and get through it asap. When they thought they 'had' me an IT 'expert' was called in and he tried to take me through to a remote managing website.
Figured every minute of theirs wasted is less victims to prey on.

geek_audi_s_ate, Aug 29, 7:06 pm

well I had my first call from these people tonight.Cant believe that they have been going so long.I thought it was a new thing!dont panic. I knew it was a scam from what they were asking, or trying to ask as I couldnt understand them! lol.

geek_gramarye, Aug 29, 10:10 pm

String them out for 1/2 an hour then tell them Bill G is your little brother

geek_boots0016, Aug 29, 11:24 pm

You seem to have a stutter.

geek_blenheim-trader, Sep 3, 1:12 am

How so by bumping it often and twice on purpose

geek_johnf_456, Sep 3, 11:26 am


geek__sms_, Sep 3, 11:34 am

So how does someone over the phone know your PC is broke! Obvious scam is obvious. But yea bump.

geek_rych, Sep 5, 7:38 pm

Rung again, recorded it will edit this message again with details in a few minutes with youtube link. Sorry I was being pretty random at the end of a long days work. Felt like I could have strung them along for hours!

geek_audi_s_ate, Sep 6, 6:09 pm

geek_audi_s_ate, Sep 6, 6:55 pm

hahah rofl nice

geek_drcspy, Sep 6, 7:01 pm

Bloody well done audi_s_ate !

geek_galex, Sep 6, 7:49 pm

Nice job

geek_johnf_456, Sep 6, 8:09 pm

"audi_s_ate wrote:
Rung again, recorded it will edit this message again with details in a few minutes with youtube link. Sorry I was being pretty random at the end of a long days work. Felt like I could have strung them along for hours!!v=zKH6c-JFHZM"

Oh this is beautiful to listen to.I'm 1/2 way through, the supervisor just came on :D

"Oh durka"

geek_..pip.., Sep 8, 6:36 pm

Classic clip. Whenever I try to string them along I can't keep a straight face and just crack up.

geek_peter148, Sep 8, 6:49 pm

Haha, at the time I thought this is going to be extremely lame - but listening back to it makes for some good entertainment. I apologise for the language at the end - I should have ended it more tactfully.
Thanks for the compliments guys, appreciate it.
They have called back everyday since - wasn't home though, so maybe it was not such a good idea!

geek_audi_s_ate, Sep 9, 7:21 am

setup a virtual pc and let em log into that with their ammyadmin (record your screen activity of course some program such as camstudio will do it).that'll be even more fun

geek_drcspy, Sep 9, 7:31 am

wish they'd bloody well call me !

geek_drcspy, Sep 9, 7:32 am


geek_galex, Sep 11, 11:01 am

I have just had a indian ring me from somewhere must be from overseas as soon as I said something my voice echoed on the phone then he spoke and said my computer was sending out errors. I told him I was not interested as my computer has just been look at by a computer shop.
He told me it had to be fixed so I said I get my shop to check it out he said no he can do it again I told him I was not interested andto--- off you scammer bast--- and hang up.
Then he rings me back and says he's not a scammer yeah right. Again I told him I am not interested again he says he is not a scammer, I said then are you dumb.I said I am not -------interested so -------- off. He then said I was a idoit and hang up. About 2 weeks ago my wife had a call also from a indain and same thing the echo.
One thing I have notice sence the first call is our boardband speeds gets very slow like dail up. Our usage is the same as always. Very strange.

geek_john26a, Sep 12, 10:44 pm

The speed difference will be completely unrelated to the calls. They cannot not get any information at all about your computer or internet connection just by calling you, other than whatever you tell them over the phone.

The calls are based entirely on assumptions; most people have a computer and internet connection. Most people use some version of Windows. Most people who use Windows will have had a program crash / stop responding sometime, and will have seen the "Send - Don't Send" dialog. Most people have no idea where those reports go. Most people have very little idea how their computer works.

geek_little_egypt, Sep 14, 10:17 am

up ya go

geek_galex, Sep 15, 5:54 pm


geek_galex, Sep 16, 6:17 pm

They called me again last night for about the 6th time.I told the Indian man I was sick of getting calls and not ever to call me again, and he hung up on me.

geek_peter148, Sep 16, 6:43 pm

Had a few of these recently.Have taught the family to pronounce ubuntu, tends to make them give up.

geek_donclaridge, Sep 18, 8:36 pm


geek_pge, Sep 19, 11:45 am

someone please give them my phone number i'm missing out on all the fun

geek_drcspy, Sep 19, 11:46 am

I had them ring me just about a hour ago. After they rang me a few days ago as well. I told them im not interested and hang up. They were Virtual PC, is there anything we can do like calling the police or something. Because they seem to ring alot of people here in New Zealand. Im Indian myself and they ripped me off for $50. They wanted $550 for 4 years of virus-protection. Im getting a virus protection software from the stores next week. And the next time if they ring im going to tell them to .!

geek_teamnewzealand, Sep 23, 9:33 pm

Thats the one ive had mate, 550 bucks wow thats a bit.

geek_johnf_456, Sep 23, 11:19 pm

ok they ripped you off for $50 ! How ! Havent you been following this scam in the news for the last three or so years its been around ! no ! oh well you're aware of it for getting soem antivirus software from the 'stores next week' dont waste your money on such rubbish as norton and etc.just simply goto and download 'security essentials' it's FREE and very good

geek_drcspy, Sep 24, 4:57 am

Thanks for that!

geek_teamnewzealand, Sep 24, 4:53 pm

^ UP ^

geek_shinedog, Sep 28, 4:46 pm

Bump again. and summary for anyone jumping to the end of the thread, if you get a call from "Microsoft" or "your internet provider" telling you that your computer "has a virus" or "has been hacked into", the call is a well known scam and you should hang up. Do not do anything they ask you to do. Do not panic, the caller does not gain any access to your computer simply by calling you, other than whatever access you might give them by following their instructions.

geek_little_egypt, Oct 6, 1:28 pm

^^^waste of space

geek__sms_, Oct 7, 10:38 pm

Why, whats with the attacks!

geek_johnf_456, Oct 7, 11:27 pm

Thumps up, another good one would be for trademe to make a sticky of there own so if everyone could email trademe and suggest it that would also help.

geek_johnf_456, Oct 7, 11:29 pm

If you keep bumping your own thread you're going to go blind.

geek_dunedin_ree, Oct 7, 11:39 pm

lol it is a bump thread, I'm in the process of writing a email to trademe at the moment for a sticky even if its made by the moderators.

geek_johnf_456, Oct 7, 11:41 pm

First we had war on terror, now we have the "Bump" wars,

geek_shinedog, Oct 10, 9:37 am


geek_johnf_456, Oct 10, 9:53 am

I keep getting the most awful spam messages in my gmail inbox OMG grrrrrrrr does anyone know how to report them!
I also received another one for a software download lol Just posting this in here because emails are another thing people need to be wary of.If anyone knows how to report spam on gmail please let me know.I know how it works on everything else but am in the dark when it comes to gmail.

geek_sonns79, Oct 11, 8:30 pm

Start a new thread.

geek_dunedin_ree, Oct 11, 9:23 pm

'My Sales Dialer' is something may help in this case. I don't know what exact it is but have read it is a mobile app, has different folders for calling where we can add a list in xls format. I think we can upload a list of contacts from internet which could help to sort out calls.

geek_anonymous, Oct 19, 5:41 am

Glad I'm not a Kennedy.

geek_richard112, Oct 21, 8:28 pm

stop bumping - ask TM for a sticky if you must

geek_timvdw, Oct 21, 9:43 pm

Sorry its a bump thread, many have tried for a sticky but trademe do not listen!

geek_johnf_456, Oct 21, 11:03 pm

What this got to do with IT scammers! and I'm not one just incase you think so.

geek_johnf_456, Oct 21, 11:04 pm