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maylea, Jul 15, 9:17am
I just had one Mick Salvador ( ) he gave me 09 8899166. said he was Microsoft Support - :(

galex, Jul 16, 8:53pm
up ya go .....

plumbernick, Jul 21, 8:19am
Why can't we have a sticky thread in the computing section like OP has said.

johnf_456, Jul 21, 10:34am
Good point

gsimpson, Jul 21, 11:09am
Amazingly there are still many people out there who haven't heard of the scam.
NZ Herald

A cold-calling scam which tricks people into paying to fix a non-existent computer virus has reached nearly a third of New Zealanders, costing the country as much as $10 million. Ministry of Consumer Affairs' Scamwatch service said one in 20 people were falling for the scam, losing an average of around $200. The scammers usually claim to be from a Microsoft-related repair company, and persuade people that their computer has a virus. They then request remote access to the computer and charge the victim for ???computer repair software??

galex, Jul 22, 1:11am

little_egypt, Jul 22, 1:22am
.. would have been nice if they'd done that about a year ago, they might have stopped so many people getting ripped off. Perhaps they should just wait another year and then they won't need to run a campaign at all.

julmar, Jul 22, 9:37am
anyone seen the you tube link anout the guy who answered "yes" to everything they asked.. so funny. sorry don't have a link

mark.52, Jul 22, 10:46am
I've found a very satisfactory response to cold callers with an accent is to just keep saying "hello?"
After a few repeats they think the connection is faulty and hang up. And they seem to have stopped ringing back.

guest, Jul 25, 10:47am
if there was a security standard for systems that are sold, then there wouldn't be any market for the vultures.
just saying.

coralr, Jul 26, 11:27pm
my elderly friend got this scam call yesterday and as she had been having some problems with her computer she let them have remote control.She got so upset when they pressured her for payment, luckily she put them off.But now she is fearful of turning on her computer as she has no idea what they have done to it or if they still have access to it.They are scum to have upset her so much, to the point she has become ill.What does anyone think she should do now?

drcspy, Jul 26, 11:28pm
pay a tech to check it out

coralr, Jul 26, 11:47pm
yes just rang her and she has taken it to her tech.

drcspy, Jul 26, 11:49pm
shouldn't cost her much - a quick scan for malware and a look to see if any remote control apps are installed.......

galex, Jul 28, 1:46am

johnf_456, Jul 28, 10:16pm

galex, Jul 31, 3:49am

flutterbuys, Jul 31, 5:13am
Had such fun on the 4th such call in the same evening - they even kept phoning over the following week before giving up. Pretended to be very thick and kept saying 'but I really like to look OUT my WINDOWS, I can see lots of interesting things IN my WINDOWS and I can see naughty people coming to hurt my computer THROUGH my WINDOWS', and they kept trying to slow down their speech and 'saying tings very glearly.'
Hell, if you don't p____ them off, they'll wear you down.

suzy59nz, Jul 31, 9:27am
had the same phone call about 6 times now, a whistle works really well

hymac, Jul 31, 11:00pm
Had a few ring over the last 5 - 6 weeks. Usually tell them I don't have a computer. Last night told him and his bloo.y cousins that it was the Police Station here .Who did he want to speak to?Hung up !!

galex, Aug 3, 1:27am
> ** <

marea31nz, Aug 7, 9:54pm
Got my call last nite, absolutely entertainement plus, they arent very patient people especially if you are coming across as a total computer idiot and the politeness soon disappears once they realise you are onto it, after a few "choice words" of which I had to repeat 3 times, I had this lady screeming at me lol, she must have been having a seriously bad day.

Same thing tho trying to lead you off to a website I think it was to download the software.

johnf_456, Aug 9, 7:37am
Thumbs up, good on ya. Give them hell.

_sms_, Aug 9, 7:47am
Good point!

galex, Aug 11, 5:36am
"Rasta narp" - [ phonetic spelling ] is an invitation for them to go elsewhere ;-) in Hindi. Worked for me.

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