Cold Calling IT Scammers

I have just had a indian ring me from somewhere must be from overseas as soon as I said something my voice echoed on the phone then he spoke and said my computer was sending out errors. I told him I was not interested as my computer has just been look at by a computer shop.
He told me it had to be fixed so I said I get my shop to check it out he said no he can do it again I told him I was not interested andto--- off you scammer bast--- and hang up.
Then he rings me back and says he's not a scammer yeah right. Again I told him I am not interested again he says he is not a scammer, I said then are you dumb.I said I am not -------interested so -------- off. He then said I was a idoit and hang up. About 2 weeks ago my wife had a call also from a indain and same thing the echo.
One thing I have notice sence the first call is our boardband speeds gets very slow like dail up. Our usage is the same as always. Very strange.

geek_john26a, Sep 12, 10:44 pm


geek_johnf_456, Oct 7, 11:27 pm