Blueray Laptop?

gilligan2, Jun 2, 5:02am
Hi there. I have a blueray drive in my laptop which also has an hdmi output. Could I plug this into my hdtv and watch in 1080p using windows media player or is there some other program you can suggest I get to do this?

rgtrading, Jun 2, 5:12am
Yep. All you need is a HDMI cable. Plug it in, change you tv source to PC, and then change your display screen from your laptop LCD to you. The later is usually done by pressing ctrl + f5 or f6 (depending on the model). You may need to do it twice to get it to display only on your tv. Also make sure your computer does not hibernate while playing movies like my one used to.

gilligan2, Jun 2, 5:20am
Do i adjust that in the power options menu?

gilligan2, Jun 2, 8:17am
Can someone please point me in the right direction for the correct driver download for my acer aspire 5920g blu ray player?

richms, Jun 2, 8:38am
Shouldnt need drivers for the drive, just use power dvd or something to play if you didnt have something preinstalled for playback.

gilligan2, Jun 2, 9:03am
Ok i have installed power dvd 11 but it does not detect the disc. I click on the e drive and it says please insert disc.

What am i missing?

ngubb, Jun 2, 9:08am

I'd be suprised if you have a Blu-Ray drive in there as stock standard.

gilligan2, Jun 2, 9:11am
well it says blu ray disc drive on the tray, on a sticker on the left hand side and on the spec sticker on the right hand side it has written in no uncertain tersm "Blu-Ray".

gilligan2, Jun 2, 9:14am
It is running an OPTIARC BD ROM BC-5500A ATA DEVICE

ngubb, Jun 2, 9:16am

gilligan2, Jun 2, 9:19am
Yes i have looked at that very article you have posted. my region is set at four. but when i checked the properties of the drive it says under device value "cd-rom drive"????

gilligan2, Jun 2, 9:27am
When I have a blu ray disc in the drive and go into my computer there is no description of what is in the disc tray. It just says please insert disc when i click on the icon and the tray opens again.

ngubb, Jun 2, 9:36am
DVD is Region 4, Our Blu-Ray zone is different. I think it's 2/B.

gilligan2, Jun 2, 9:44am
it doesnt give me any options for the bluray region changes , only dvd. Fuck me i wish things would just work.

drcspy, Jun 3, 6:27am
check bios to see what's listed

gilligan2, Jun 5, 12:00am
Sorry for my ignorance but how do I check the bios specific to the disc drive?

carkitter, Jun 5, 3:39am
He means to check in the very low level hardware settings to see if the BD drive is enabled. You'll need to restart the computer and press F8 repeatedly to interrupt the boot sequence and enter the BIOS settings. BIOS is not part of Windows so the graphics will look very 1980's and the mouse won't work.

drcspy, Jun 5, 3:43am
F8 is NOT the usual key to enter the depends more on what make of computer you have but the common keys are DEL key F10, F1, just need to look at the initial screen when you first power up the machine (within seconds of turning the power on) a message will appear usually just one line saying something like PRESS F2 TO ENTER SETUP......

gilligan2, Jun 7, 9:03am
I know how to do that now. so what am i looking for in the bios menu? the drive is listed as what it is (see above).

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