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ginga4lyfe, Jun 4, 3:29am
what other trusted shop are out there? PLAYTECH screwed me over today so im no longer going to shop with them, Pbtech just dont have any boards that i like, and ascents prices are a little too expencive for the p67 chipsets that i want, also, does anyone know of any EVGA motherboard retailers in NZ ?, Btw, im staying away from Asus apparently they have a bad wrap with the p67's , im looking to spend at most 270 bucks for the mobo, Oh and any suggestions for boards would be helpfull, though im looking for a minimum of 8 Sata connections that are angled away from the board, ( I did order a p67x-ud3r-b3 from playtech, they sent me the p67x-ud3-b3 and then when i drove all the way to north shore they were less than helpfull even after i told them that i NEEEEDDEEDD the mobo or a replacement today, then they said "oh we will refund you, but it will only be in ur account on tuesday" Well thats great coz I NEEDED ONE TODAY, and now cant do anything till Wednesday! )

lythande1, Jun 4, 3:45am
Wrap??? You mean rep, as in reputation.

hakatere1, Jun 4, 4:00am
"Bad Rap" is an old expression. Never hear it now, but as a nipper, I used to hear it a lot. http://hubpages.com/hub/Is-it-Bad-Rap-or-Bad-Wrap

ginga4lyfe, Jun 4, 4:00am
do you pick at peoples mistakes and avoid questions in real life too?? you understood the overall thread did you not? there is no obvious need to correct me if you understood it.

babcorp, Jun 4, 4:07am
A bit rough to say they've screwed you over if they are giving you a refund. They got it wrong and refunding, what more can they do if they haven't the correct one in stock.There are plenty of online stores, most pc shops simply don't carry everything its too much money to leave in stock that can sit for a long time and depreciate very quickly hence most order on request.

ginga4lyfe, Jun 4, 4:21am
Nope, its the method used, they could have easily looked into other options to refund, also on top of that they mumbled, and didnt make an effort to even think of provide me with another unit that would have suited my needs, I told them that i needed one today, and then didnt tell me how long it was going to take for the refund to come through, i had to ask, they were just very unprofessional

groovebox, Jun 4, 4:30am
How did u pay? I know if u pay with VISA then u have to get it credited back to your credit card account - and not all merchants let staff grant credits on the w/end. I am confused as to what actually happened anyhow - did u email them the specs and model#?Have found PlayTech OK to deal with on the several small things I have needed - altho they are not my #1 "go to" people.

As other posters state - no PC retailer carries every combination in stock.

pcfix4u, Jun 4, 4:43am
They all lie about stock levels.

richms, Jun 4, 4:55am
Sounds like you should have been more demanding with your refund then.

How did you pay origionally? I liked my visa for things like that so I wasnt out of pocket waiting for things to process. But if it was cash or eftpos or even visa they should have refunded on the spot.

axels11, Jun 4, 5:03am
Have you tried Computer Lounge,
Ring them on Tuesday to double check it's in stock even though site says it's in stock.

johnf_456, Jun 4, 5:10am
Some paragraphs would be good and I assume rep is reputation?

ginga4lyfe, Jun 4, 5:58am
I paid via a direct debit, in that respect they should have been able to hand cash back with proof of identity, and reciept/invoice, and they should have had stock n hand but what they told me is that their supplier labeled the stock wrong, which is a piss poor excuse because every were on the box is said the opposite to the Bar code ID tag, i do agree alot of the time they are good, but in my experience if they suff up they are not very willing to rectify the problem unless they actually have the correct stock ( its happened to me with 8 gig ripjaw ram modules being mislabled and me only getting 4 gig ones )

beast9, Jun 4, 7:23am
try atech.co.nz they are based in wellington

richms, Jun 4, 7:48am
direct debit? Never seen a computer shop use that before.

In anycase, yes, they could have done a cash refund to you if it had cleared, and IMO with them supplying the wrong thing it does put the ball back in their court to be more cooperatvie with resolving it. If you were unreasonable and wanting a refund because you bought the wrong thing their position would be fine.

I shop there because they are close and usually have teh sharpest price on HDD's

lucky015, Jun 4, 2:44pm
I've never had any problems with Playtech and I've bought a fair few items from them and will continue to do so, No matter how bad they are they are still easier to deal with than all those damn "Online Only" "stores".

Their prices are cheap and any probems will be solved in the end, It can just take a little nudge in the right direction. Just don't expect anything outstanding from them.

richms, Jun 5, 11:07am
Could have been financed or something so being direct debited.

becka2, Jun 5, 11:25am
computerlounge +111111111111110000000000

miriam9, Jun 7, 7:41am
Good guide to online retailers http://www.gpforums.co.nz/thread/297771/?s=

If I remember correctly Playtech used to be rated at 5 stars also, but their standard has slipped.

+1 for computer lounge. Gave them a list of what I wanted for my build and they have me another 10% or so off. Worked out about the same as if I had taken the best prices for every component off pricespy.

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