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cowboy36, Jun 6, 5:08am
Adsl modum Hi,i have been given a Thomson st536v6 adsl modum.I would like to no if anyone has had any expereance with these.Is it better than my old dlink 302g,can you conect 2 computers up to it, ie laptop and desktop.It says on the box single self-install kit but also 2+ single user gateway.Thank you for any help.

cowboy36, Jun 6, 6:47am
Adsl Please anyone

babcorp, Jun 6, 6:54am
I don't know the model but if it has two or more lan ports then yes, otherwise if it has one lan port and one usb port then maybe.

pheonix, Jun 6, 7:00am
I don't know the Thompson model either. But it is only a single port , same as the 302. You could run both computers on either modem/router if you added a switch and plugged in both computers and your modem/router. If the computers are close, i know the 302 will handle USB and Ethernet connections at the same time, so you could have the main one on Ethernet and the laptop on USB.

flewy, Jun 6, 7:10am
The 302 is a double port USB and ETHERNET

flewy, Jun 6, 7:11am
Which is the same with the Thomson you have.

olack, Jun 6, 7:11am
Phoenix, I am wondering if you have run a USB & ..Ethernet PCs connected to a DSL302G modem for some time connected to the internet. I am asking because the manufacturers do not recommend the 2 running at the same time and when I was living in another house there were frequent internet disconnections when I tried running the 2 connections at the same time. The disconnections were very less frequent when I stopped using the 2 types together. Besides this the DSL302G is a modem and not a router.

olack, Jun 6, 7:14am
Cowboy36...I saw nowhere anything about.. ..about the Thompson modem being a 2+ single gateway modem in the Thompson manual...the 2+ may be referring to the ADSL2+.

flewy, Jun 6, 7:17am
It is a router and i have run the 302g with usb and ethernet for 6months and had no probs at all.

flewy, Jun 6, 7:18am
Use google olack it says its a USB and ETHERNET modem/router - Thomson that is.

olack, Jun 6, 7:19am
Unless they are trying to refer to the concept of a switch plugged into the modem like phoenix posted. The 4 port DSE xh1165 I use can have a PC connected to one of the 4 LAN ports and have PCs disy chained, I believe it is referred to, connected to the computer. The routers performance is respectable in my opinion and I bought mine through TM for $20. I have seen them auctioned with a but now for $30 and $40. The ADSL2+ is ready for the Telecom upgrades due out soon and the DSL302G is not compatible with the ASL2+ standard.

cowboy36, Jun 6, 7:20am
HiHi Olack on the box it says Thomson ST536v6 ADSL 2+ SINGLE USER GATEWAY If thats any help,also telecom.

_whatever, Jun 6, 7:57am
He said it is a modum so I assume it's a stupid modem as opposed to a router which is an intelligent modem.

olack, Jun 6, 8:27am
ADSL2+...I looked at the manual, its ready for the standard of ADSL2+...I better shutup now, I belive the standard isin place but not here where I am. The dse ADSL xh1169 4 port adsl router is not an ADSL2+ router. But you could happily use one computer using the Thompson and it is compatible with ADSL ADSL2 and ADSL2+ , so with no with no problems and ready for the upgrade. I strongly suspect that Thompson will work exactly as the the DLink people have said. Maybe because we had weak connections the internet conection dropped, but after taking DLink's advice and using one PC connection speeds became much better. Even when one computer was not using the internet the connection would drop if the 2 were connected to that modem but it would drop much less frequently when only one of them was connected.

spyware, Jun 6, 10:14am
Thomson st536v6 is an adsl modem + router, Dlink 302g is an adsl modem + router. Xtra's advertising is aimed at not confusing people, one ethernet port therefore connect one computer. In fact both the 302g and the Thomson st536v6 can support up to 253 computers connected to them. Routers connect two or more logical subnets (one subnet on WAN interface (the Internet)), another on the LAN interface.

intrade, Jun 6, 10:18am
Who ever told you its a modum its not its a modem .. must be the kiwi accent modum like fush n chups- for fish and chips

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