Acer laptop xp pro upgrade to win7 ultimate

Travelmate 2410
1.7ghz, 1.24gb ram, factory 40gb hard drive showing c partition at 18.8gb with 3gb free, and d partition at 17.2gb with 7gb free.
have backed up using windows easy transfer to external hard drive, and saved info from win7 compatability test - only a few drivers to sort out.
Using win ultimate upgrade disk under windows install, and 2 options availible being upgrade or custom. Says i cannot upgrade and to use custom.
Custom shows the hd is in THREE partitions - part1 being 3.1gb "pqservice" oem(reserved), part 2 being 16.9gb "acer" system (c), and part3 being 17.2gb "data" primary (d).

I have cleaned out as much of c drive as i can but cant obtain the 10gb free space required as this is all mainly winxp system files/data.
If i try to re-partition or reformat then I will not be able to use the upgrade disk?

geek_john.s, Jun 8, 12:01 am

Why can you not re-partition? Can you not back up parts 1 and 3 to external disk and then use Easeus, to delete and then extend the c:\ drive before installing the upgrade. With Easeus you won't lose any data when re-arranging your partitions. Also I think 10gb is being hopeful. I have Win7 Ultimate, a very minimal install and it's using 25gb.

geek_hakatere1, Jun 8, 3:29 am

Another alternative if space is an issue, is to buy a bigger new or used hdd through tm and after imaging your present C:\ drive, copy it to the new one.

geek_hakatere1, Jun 8, 3:40 am