HP Mini fault

haybales, Jun 11, 1:37am
Ive got a HP Mini that boots to windows, but within seconds it blue screens and restarts, I managed to get into safe mode and restore it to last known good config, so now it doesnt blue screen anymore. But it seems to have lost wireless, and when I go to control panel and choose network tab, it says it cant detect any network adapters. Its running on XP.

Any ideas?

drcspy, Jun 11, 1:41am
yeh goto hp and download the dirvers then reinstall them for the wireless....

haybales, Jun 11, 1:50am
so put them on a usb stick for example from my other computer that still gets internet?
Even if i plug in an ethernet cable to the mini, it still has no internet?

drcspy, Jun 11, 1:53am
well it wont if you dont have the ethernet drivers......just goto hp and download the drivers for your ethernet adaptor and wireless.....

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