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roryton, Jun 14, 12:54am
Samsung Galaxy S2 - $1000
HTC Desire HD - $600

Could someone help me make up my mind please? Googled it and s2 is the best phone but is it worth almost twice as an htc?
I mainly use it for wifi, internet 3g, checking mails on the go, flash games, videos, lots of music.
cheers guys!!!

kane199, Jun 14, 12:59am
HTC desire HD is a bit old now isn't it?

g-tech, Jun 14, 1:05am
Definitely the samsung, had a chance to review it and OMG... I am lost for words. I wont bother getting the next iPhone as an upgrade, im going with the samsung =D

roryton, Jun 14, 1:11am
Yes definitely old compared to S2 and I was thinking same thing. But does the dual core and additional ghz noticeable in everyday smart phone use?

I reckon aesthetically htc wins over samsung, I like massive viewable screen area on htc. But I heard its battery life is very bad. But specswise Samsungs is miles ahead than desire hd imo.

vtecintegra, Jun 14, 1:41am
Don't get the Desire HD for these reasons:
Poor quality screen
Small capacity battery
Build quality issues

The newer Desire S and Incredible S solve all those issues but have smaller screens.

If you want a real SGSII competitor from HTC look at the Sensation, its as powerful as the SGSII but has a larger QHD screen (an SLCD so its decent quality)

vtecintegra, Jun 14, 1:46am

roryton, Jun 14, 7:42am
Sweet, isn't s2 a bit old as well? Would you say galaxy s2 will be as good as it is now for next 6months? S2 looks like the best phone in market but any phones coming out in near future which might be a better buy?

vtecintegra, Jun 14, 8:01am
I don't think so, currently the SGSII is king of the Android phones.

The HTC Sensation is a very good choice too, it even has some advantages like a higher resolution screen and slightly longer battery life but the software lets it down a bit

suicidemonkey, Jun 14, 8:11am
How does the software let it down? Sense is pretty well proven to be a very decent UI. I haven't really read the review.. probably should.

Anyway.. Dunno if i'd go for the Samsung over the Sensation. The Galaxy S feels so plasticy and cheap whereas HTCs phones always feel extremely solid.

Can't deny that the Galaxy S II is an amazing phone though. The benchmark scores are ridiculous.

lostdude, Jun 14, 8:52am
Why not opt for the LG p990? Far superior to the Desire HD but just a fraction slower than the galaxy SII (well the new 1200Mhz version) and in the same price bracket as the Desire HD.

Here's a comparison between the (original) SII and the Optimus 2X:

vtecintegra, Jun 14, 10:34am
Be careful what version you get here, the LG skinning (if present) can pretty much ruin the experience:

ctnz, Jun 14, 10:41am
I heard the Desire HD hasvery poor battery life

suicidemonkey, Jun 14, 10:45am
Ah yeah I read that Sense slowed it down a bit. I had the same problem with my Desire.
I hoped the Sensation would be better with the extra processing power, but I guess not. You pay the price for features I suppose.

vtecintegra, Jun 14, 10:49am
Well it is supposed to be very very snappy its just that the Samsung is better again and if you use both you'd notice the difference.If you only used the Sensation I doubt you'd ever be disappointed.

cne_merchant, Jun 14, 10:57am
Meh, I love my HTC Desire Z. Had a chance to play around with Iphone (Hated it), Samsung Galaxy S2 (cool, but not for me), HTC Desire Z (fell in love with it straight away). Next one I i'll be going for HTC EVO 3D.It's not really up to people what is best etc... it's up to you. Depends what you use your phone for, and so on.My Desire Z fulfills all my wishes and desires - LOL. It's rooted with the MexDroidMod MeXperia and as fast as it could be, being overclocked as well.As i said, have a play around with all the phones that you are having hard time to choose between, and see which one is for you.IT'S A MATTER OF PERSONAL PREFERENCE, NOT SOMEBODY ELSE'S.

cne_merchant, Jun 14, 10:58am
Root the Desire, install a custom sensless rom on it, flash it with the kernel for overclocking it, and you're sweet. :)))After that it becomes a mini computer with all the functions you want on it :D

roryton, Jun 14, 11:00am
Just went to club thing and had a quick play around with sensation and galaxy s2. Imo galaxy s2 UI is a bit too 'edgy' and 'sharp' in places compared to htc smooth ones. But also unbelievably light weight!

Only if htc had samsung specs or galaxy s2 had htc's aesthetics. Looking at shops I"m kindof sold on either galaxy s2 or htc sensation. Do you think its possible to fully convert to htc Sense UI?

But then thinking again desire hd is very very nice and fits all my boxes for the price!

vtecintegra, Jun 14, 11:02am
The Z is actually a really good choice if you like a physical keyboard.I think its a much better phone than the HD.

Be aware newer HTCs like the Desire S, Incredible S and Sensation have locked bootloaders so you won't be able to flash a custom ROM.HTC has said they will unlock the bootloader on the Sensation (and presumably the other devices) but haven't one so yet.

suicidemonkey, Jun 14, 11:03am
Yep, done all that with my Desire :)

vtecintegra, Jun 14, 11:04am
As above I wouldn't go for the Desire HD, there are much better HTC choices available.

roryton, Jun 14, 11:05am
I would be very tempted to buy the phone I'm craving for which is desire hd, and root it, but doesn't rooting a phone void warranty?

I use the phone for basic calling, text, music, playing videos, games(flash ones such as angry birds etc), internet 3G and wifi a lot, GPS is a must, and decent camera.

cne_merchant, Jun 14, 11:05am
Bought my Z in Germany a month ago. It had a locked bootloader. 6 mins of googling, 10 mins later my bootloader is unlocked, 15 mins later found my ROM of choise, and no regrets so far :D I also hate paying for apps, and prefer the cracked ones, but not this time. My phone is loaded with paid apps, and no regrets at all, it's my mini computer now that does everything i need it to.I'd recommend Z , but as i mentioned above, it's a personal preferance. :))

cne_merchant, Jun 14, 11:08am
Well, yes it does. But you can always unroot the phone if you want to take it back to the shop for some reason :DI almost bricked my phone yesterday by flashing clockworkmod a little too old for it, and Z didn't like it ... took me around 5 hours to get it running again :))) but, it's worth it :) awesome phone, with awesome features :D and the hell with Sense, my VTL launcher has much more options for customizing the phone ... :)

cne_merchant, Jun 14, 11:09am
Gotta love the Desire lol :D i reckong it has got its name for a reason :D LMAOI am now a mod freak, customizing everything i bloody can on it :D lol

cne_merchant, Jun 14, 11:11am
Seriously can't see what so good in sense, anyway.Customization is limited, comparing to some other launchers on other roms, etc..Stock OS has too much bloatware preinstalled, meh. ROOT all the way!! :)

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